• No. Because all human DNA is 99.9% identical. We're more alike than we are different. And because it doesn't matter what your race is you can become whomever you choose to be. I prefer to get to know someone than to prejudge.
  • Does it matter? And why? What I don't buy into is all these people going into this, "we're all one race" singalong. We're not all one race. Facts, folks.
    • Linda Legion
      We may not all be one race, but we are one species. If that was not true, then the two races would not be able to produce viable offspring.
    • Archie Bunker
      Yes, we are one species, Linda. I think a problem emerges when at most times people mistake race for ethnicity. Those are two different things. I think many things have shifted here in the US as far as race is concerned. In the generations after the Civil Rights movement, we've seen a shift back to discriminating against people based on the color of their skin. The difference is that it's now socially acceptable, as long as it is white people being discriminated against due to the fallacy of "white guilt." "Black Power" is acceptable, "White Power" is not.
    • mugwort
      I think racism is completely wrong, I include other races discriminatng against White people in my statement. Racism can be unfair discrimination in housing, work, higher education, redlining and insulting names and threats based on one's race,
    • Archie Bunker
      It is wrong, mug. It's just now socially acceptable to discriminate against whites where 80 years ago with was acceptable to discriminate against blacks.
  • No one can accuse me of being a racist. I am from Japan, nd my husband was a white American.
    • Archie Bunker
      Dear, the left will accuse anyone of being a racist if you don't drink their KoolAid.
  • no, not at all

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