• Clean the walls. I can't reach them very well. But I think this apartment renovation may continue internally after they finish painting the new siding. I detest the intrusion. I'm a private person, but sometimes that has to be sacrificed for the greater good and if I get a nice new coat of paint I think I can manage the intrusion. AI and robots would be very good at repetitive tasks involving precision machinery work. They are good for filtering calls because machines don't get upset with stupidity or frustrated with you like humans do. They don't judge, they just run program! Inhuman patience, if you will. The medical field could also benefit from AI. WebMd is a good example. The same theory can be used for automotive diagnostics. But if we're talking about personal robots I'd say dishes, vacuuming, wall cleaning, laundry and a self cleaning bathroom would be feasible as well as meal preparation with little human interaction. I thought a long time ago when working at McDonalds that automation in the burger prep area would improve consistency and reduce waste and therefore food costs. You can have that formula perfect but introduce the human and you increase the chance for error. That also applies to point of sale automation. But some people are not going to like this kind of 'progress' and will resist it. They can use the human cashier if they prefer for a while. But eventually familiarity and performance quality will determine their effectiveness. I'd also like to mention the safety advantages of using machines for jobs that could be physically dangerous for humans. Not only is this a human rights advantage but also a fiscal one because using machinery instead of endangering humans will lower insurance costs and eventually operating costs. And machines don't get tired or need breaks. I think this is great for the automotive manufacturing sector, but then again we have to think about replacing human jobs that the machines will be doing. Fortunately there are still many things humans do better than machines!
  • Artificial intelligence will lead to our downfall.
  • not sure

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