• I don't "click" on ads too easy to get a virus on phone or computer. Not all are dangerous that way but still.
  • no cause i have adblock plus on
  • I don't see ads here because I use Opera browser with ad block.
    • Linda Joy
      I downloaded Opera once a long time ago probably 10 years ago because a friend recommended it but I don't think I ever used it pretty much just used Google Chrome
    • Rick Myres
      Opera is my default browser now it is faster than Firefox or IE. I had it years ago on my Widows XP when it had an email application much like Outlook Express. But that is all changed. It is a browser only.
    • Rick Myres
      I stopped using Internet Explorer and got Chrome browser last week. It is a very big difference and now on the computer Chrome is no longer as ugly as home made soap. Lol every time I uninstalled it (after I forgot to unclick the "install Chrome" a few times) they asked why and I told them why.
    • Linda Joy
      I use chrome exclusively now because that's where my son put Netflix. I even took the Microsoft Edge icon off my desktop so no one else would use it either. But that's because it was confusing Gen as to why she couldn't find Netflix while using it!
  • No, I do not notice the ads, so I have never clicked on any of them.
  • No ad. *** Well...depends on the tea pot. For example: if you drink green tea, you find out that the ideal water temp is below boiling. In fact: different green teas are ideally infused at different (sub-boiling) water temps. SO: you look for a tea kettle that allows you to set the water temp to various desired temps...and I didn't pay $40 for mine, but certainly I could see where someone might do so for such an item. *** As for regular tea pots (the "I just want the water to boil quickly" kind), you pay more for features such as how quickly it brings a quantity of water to boil, cleaning ease and (most expensive) decorative qualities. Think how much upper class people in the old British Empire used to pay for a "fancy tea set". Quite often it was more than a typical person earned in a year. SO: the decorative qualities are probably what most significantly influence the price.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you for your perspective! I'm not a big tea drinker. Here in the South of America sweet iced tea is a staple. But now I understand better why this might be worth it! Thanks!
  • Nope. My ad blocker is pretty effective. I don't see ads too often.
  • I have not seen any ads on AB.
  • what adds on this site?
  • I'm reluctant to click on ads on the net since I suspect they're clickbait. Plus good chance to get malware.

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