• Not a hat, but a ball cap instead. No I don't wear them daily, I only wear one when I need to protect my eyes from the sun or rain. In the winter I'll put a tuque on over my cap to keep my ears from freezing too, if I'm going to be outside for an extended period.
  • Every day I wear a flat cap. A few years back I started this. Some movies I saw this cap. I took that idea to wear one.
  • I wear a sunvisor when I walk the dogs at the shelter. We need eye contact so no sunglasses
  • A straw cowboy hat I got as a prize while vacationing in Boothill.
  • In hot summers, I may wear a wide-brimmed straw hat. I occasionally wear French Berets or Bereibo as we call them in Japan. In winter, I may wear a knit cap that covers my ears.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      I'm sure that straw hats are great for mowing lawns in hot summers.
  • i dont wear hats unless its cold out
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      side. That's more like it. :D
  • I don't wear hats everyday. I do wear baseball hats and sun visors during physical activities. For fashion, I wear brims, top hats and captain hats on certain occasions.
  • I used to have a hat collection when I was a teen. It started with an old bonnet that belonged to one of my ancestors - don't remember which one. I lost that collection long ago! The one I wish I still had was the ball cap we wore when I was on the USS SIMON LAKE. I have a small collection started again since being put on chemo. It got to where you could see my head through the hairs and I didn't want to frighten the children! I have two wide brim (pool) hats one black and white stripes and the other pink. I have at least three ball caps, an Alabama (football), a breast cancer awareness, and one with an American flag. I also have three turban type hats that were gifted to me after I lamented over my hair loss in front of a very sweet friend. And I crochet hats for everyone. I usually just do knit cap style, but decided to make a barret/tam type to match a dress and shoulder wrap I made. I used to put a hat on when I was expecting company to cover my head for them, but when its hot they make my head sweat. My hair has come back some since stopping chemo in Jan. so I don't feel like I have to cover my head anymore. As for your friend, I think she should accept you as you are. A bald guy is an entirely different thing than a bald woman!
    • Linda Joy
      As a follow up, my hair is growing back very well. It first came back curly after chemo, then it grew straighter like it used to be.
  • I own a Resistol beaver felt western hat that I bought when I lived in Houston. For formal evenings, I own a black silk opera hat. For formal daywear, I own a black felt tophat. I have many baseball cats. I painted Chinese and Japanese symbols on some of them. I also own French berets in black, dark brown, maroon, tan, light grey and orange.
    • Linda Joy
      lol! I wanna see you paint a cat!
  • I wear a sun visor outside...not sure if that is considered a hat or not.
  • I usually wear a cotton bucket hat when sunbathing, over my eyes if lying on my back.
  • I wear a baseball cap whenever its sunny outdoors.
  • a ball cap
  • At the moment, I am wearing a Panama-style hat to go out into the hot, direct sunlight, in order to protect my skin. I also have a wide-brimmed black sun hat for the same purpose. In winter, I wear one of a few hats, one in silver fox fur, one in black mink, and one in brown wool with brown mink trim. For spring, I have an ivory wool beret that matches an ivory wool coat. Finally, I own several small hats and fascinators that I wear to special occasions, such as weddings and garden parties. I'm a hat aficionado and will happily wear them even when no one else is doing so.
  • I usually wear a hat every day. In my collection, I have ball caps, a "flat" cap, a fedora, a bucket hat, a stocking hat, and a genuine Russian Ushanka for those cold days. I'm currently in my fedora period.
  • only use one in the sun when walking etc
  • I often wear a fedora or a panama or a baseball cap. Helps keep the sun out of my eyes.
  • I rarely wear a hat.
  • a ball cap
  • I like to wear a ball cap.

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