• The former: Hey, I'll take the 15 minutes of fame if anyone wants to consider it remarkable.
    • Linda Joy
      Be careful what you ask for you just might get it
  • it might be
  • Depends on extent and connotations. The US created and exploded the first nuclear bomb - there was no precedent and it wasn't remarkable either, quite the opposite. Whereas the Chinese created the first rolls of paper, there was no precedent and it was quite remarkable at the time.
    • mushroom
      I would say the detonation of "Little Boy" over Hiroshima was remarkable as it publicly demonstrated the power of splitting the atom, having been first achieved only two weeks prior at Alamogordo, NM. Had the bomb not worked, plans had been readied to invade mainland Japan.
    • Linda Joy
      His jealousy of the US and anything we accomplish leads him to say ridiculous things that even HE knows is not true. Its sad really to be so full of hate and jealousy it blinds you to the truth. So much so he looks like a babbling fool trying to downplay it. And for no real reason. There are plenty of things we don't do well he could point out but he tries to say the things we do well are not impressive. Its just foolishness!
  • Like Elon Musk and reusable rockets, superior battery technology, solar roof, Not sure he would call it easier to have such a dynamic creative mind.
    • Linda Joy
      Like Trump and Roseanne he has a problem with tweeting. Do you think he had the funding and they backed out or do you think he stretched the truth knowing he didn't have the funding to take it private? Would you buy Tesla now?

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