• Hey. Its Southern for hello although many times I start a conversation with Roll Tide if somebody's wearing something Alabama. Good Morning works as well.
    • Roaring
      That's a new one for me "Roll Tide". What does it refer to?
    • Linda Joy
      The University of Alabama football team, aka the Crimson Tide. "When the tide rolls in, there's nothing on Earth that can stop it. So "Roll Tide" is a reference to the Alabama Crimson Tide being an unstoppable force. The name reportedly stems from a game against Auburn in 1907, where Alabama held highly favored Auburn to a 6-6 tie. Before that, sportswriters had called them "The Thin Red Line", which dates back to the Crimean War in the 1850s, but a writer said that against the Tigers, the Red Line became a Crimson Tide."

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