• Spammers aren't the worst thing on this site, Karen. The trolls here are just as bad as on the old site. The worst of the lot is that "we are dough". He's already had one account deleted on here and now he is back with another. I wish I could delete people like him from every website in the world.
    • Roaring
      Perhaps we need an ignore button that if gets enough hits will render the less desirable elements invisible to those that want good dialogue. Have you considered helping to shape a healthy inspiring environment here?
    • Roaring
    • This Space For rent
      I reported about 15 spams posts this morning. Nosmo--WOW!! I had such excitement for this place when I heard it had been bought and was reopening.
    • Nosmo King
      So did I, Karen. All was going well until that "we are dough" came here. He is such a nasty piece of work that I preferred most of the trolls on the old site.
    • Nosmo King
      I do flag spam when I see it. Sometimes it gets removed, sometimes it doesn't, but it does get removed more often than not.
    • This Space For rent
      That's good to know. Who are the moderators on here?
  • I don't know if we can. There is currently no way to contact the admin.
  • Account Killer is a site from where you can delete your accounts from other sites......try out.
    • 11stevo73
      it doesn't delete your accounts

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