• I will be dancing among the stars. Heaven will be wonderful. No more pain or sadness or worries. I'll have perfect hearing, sight and new body with all working parts. I'm almost there and looking forward to it.
  • No more evil, hate, hurt, no more temptation to do evil, full of love, light and happiness. Our bodies and minds will be healed and restored. We will be reunited with friends and loved ones who will also be healed, whole restored and happy.
  • 4-16-2017 If the bible doesn't tell you, you don't know. The only thing the bible says about heaven is it's going to be better than you can imagine.
  • John "The Revelator" described what he saw of Heaven. Demons are Angels that "abandoned their first estate". In Heaven we know some Angels have posts where they stay at all times. I remember reading of one of the walkways having compartments in the walls where some Angels were posted to keep watch. How would you like an assignment of sitting in a wall compartment for eternity? Everyone has a job, even in Heaven.
    • Linda Joy
      Its probably only a 4 hour watch before being relieved and if I could keep someone safe I'd volunteer.
  • As a kid I was told that heaven is paradise, and this means anything you want, anything you think of, becomes. So you can have a harem or a bazillion dollars or three legs...or anything at all! (There are people who really believe that, yes.) But, reading from the bible, we're told that heaven is a box, made of see-through gold, floating above what's left of the Earth (which quite possibly is to be the "lake of fire"..or said lake will be visible from the floating gold box. You can never leave the box. Not in a trillion years, or a trillion trillion (this idea makes me hope there will be some kind of spirit suicide we can opt for, because...yeesh!) but anyway...the gold box is said to be fairly small...for a world for 144,000 people to fit in. And since that's all the souls that will be considered good enough for saving, it means 12 billion people (or more) will be deemed "not good enough", and so the all-loving, all-forgiving, all-capable "god" will subject them to horrendous teeth-gnashing burning alive, FOREVER...instead of just extinguishing them. Kind of makes you wonder.. what kind of god makes THAT MANY MISTAKES? AND THEN TORTURES THEM? WITHOUT END!? ...Well, when you consider that the bible was written by some men in a cave circa 300 BC, who were seeking to give their feelings permission (so: WAR = GOOD, JUDGING = GOOD, but gay guys: no, kill them, but lesbians: OOH!! God doesn't have a problem with THOSE!!! (And yet some still manage to suggest God might be female. HA!)...But the point I'm getting to - about only 144,000 good enough people / and 12 billion+ not good enough: WHY are the numbers SO VERY BAD??...well, consider at the time some men were cooking up this code book for themselves, the population was quite sparse compared to today, and they didn't even know the world was a globe, they didn't know the entire world was any bigger at all than just the little area they lived in. AND they thought the end would come soon, so had no anticipation of population growth. ..So 144,000 PROBABLY SEEMED A FAIRLY BIG NUMBER..TO THEM. (And that fact is part of a mountain of proof that it's all crap. But..people believe what they want.) Me, I'll be happy to just fade from existence and have the whole horrible thing be over finally. As G. Gordon Liddy said to Tom Snyder, who asked him what happens when we die, "We become food for worms". *shrug* (Mr Pants doesn't like that thought, but figures worms won't really be interested in eating a sock puppet.) You know..they just burned my father and took his and my mother's ashes and sprinkled them into the ocean somewhere. What the hell is THAT supposed to cause to happen? Wow. Well me, I don't even want to be in a cement box underground (you know, coffins get encased in cement). ....I want a friend to put me in a cloth (bio-degradable) sack and bury me under a tree, only 2' down. My atoms will become acorns, and when young lovers picnic under my tree, I will drop into their potato salad, at which point, I WILL in fact 'make a sound". Huh? Pretty good, right? Yea!! *blink* (Sorry. Mr Pants is tragically bored at the moment. And avoiding things I should be attending. But I'm also fairly certain no one will read this many words. *skips a stone across the pond* *thinks about potato salad some more, heads to kitchen..*
    • Linda Joy
      I read it all. We are only 'damned' (blocked from progression) by our choices. And I've had a small taste of the 'lake of fire' caused by facing the consequences of my own choices. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, simply sharing what I believe. My son thinks my potato salad is the best! Its much easier to make and share virtually. Would you like some?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      lol, sure! and thank you :D

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