• probably turkey since im going to my friends house
  • To my knowledge right now I will be eating a frozen dinner of some kind. When I was driving my school bus I had several parents invite me for dinner with them.
    • Linda Joy
      I get invited over a lot as well. Even when I was divorced my son spent Thanksgiving with his dad's family. We could have ours any day we wanted, and he always brought me home a plate. With our little personal Thanksgiving any time we wanted we were able to invite friends that wanted to spend Thanksgiving day with their families as well! It was a win-win. Maybe not the first time when he just decided to take him for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas against the court order, I might add. But he knew realistically there was nothing I could do about it. So I just decided to make it work for the best for all of us! This year I have to keep my exposure to people, especially crowds to a minimum. I'm learning to appreciate their value more this year. Thank you, God for the experience AND the refining fire! It clears the way for new growth.
  • Last year we had burritos. This year it may be either burritos again or lasagne.
    • Linda Joy
      Do you at least make them with ground turkey? Hahaha
  • Traditional turkey mash potatoes, stuffing cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie:)
  • Turkey, yams, corn and pumpkin pie.
  • turkey and ham.
  • We are going to a T-day buffet, and I am going to try lots of their offerings from the buffet line.

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