• Yes he is. He just cannot disclose information to you about her. AND! Most importantly, he does not have to take you as his client though, so even though you can have him and want him, you still may not get him.
  • It is a conflict of interest for that attorney that can see him disbarred. I doubt the judge would even allow him to enter the case on your behalf. There are strict rules against such things.
  • thanks guys, i was just wondering if it was an option, but thinking more about it, i doubt the lawyer would want to do it anyway. it would have been fun though.
  • Yes, its a conflict of interest and the attorney and the court would not allow this. Find someone else.
  • yes that would be a conflict of interest.
  • I had a divorce lawyer and many years later she was my second wife's lawyer. I talked with her outside the court room and mentioned conflict and that word was all I got out before she stopped me. But she did wind up as a corrupt county judge.
  • He won't take you as a client since if he did, the outcome of the case can easily be challenged and overturned.

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