• There are essentially two postions (with lots of variations). 1. Man is just as natural as rocks, ice bergs or wind. All are a result of a complex series of essentially random recombinations of matter and energy. 2. Man is somehow supernatural. There is more to human existance than just patterns of matter and energy. A somewhat complete exploration of either basic position and its permutations could fill volumes... and does.
  • I think there are 3 views: 1) man is born good, 2) man is born evil, 3)man is born neutral. If you adopt 1), you are likely to be trusting and generally give others the benefit of the doubt. You think people have the volition to make positive changes. If you adopt 2), you are likely to think people cannot overcome their flaws without the intercession of a superior being (OR just go with the flow and behave in an evil manner!) If you adopt 3), you are free to create yourself in your own image and use you own judgment regarding morality, goals and priorities, and you think others have the same choices on their plates. I think this is an important issue for introspection. Thanks for asking it.
  • It exists.

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