• First do not believe all the lies from Trump. second the numbers have greatly reduced to around 3000. There needs to be a way to quickly clear the 700,000 waiting to be cleared through the courts that are waiting here,. A way to care for those in the caravan on their way. The troops are not needed here the vast majority are not dangerous people they are only wanting to get out of dangerous situations where they live. I live less than 10 miles from the Rio Grande in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and pretty well know first hand as to what is going on down here.
    • Linda Joy
      Trump doesn't speak to me. And I haven't read much about it, but my opinion is they should stay in Mexico. Mexico let them in we don't have to. I don't think these people can contribute anything of value to our country and if they do they need to proceed through legal channels. They are ALL CRIMINALS in my opinion as long as they try to enter the country illegally. And I felt that way when Trump was firing fake employees on fake tv. Accusing Trump of controlling my thoughts is ridiculous and giving him far more power than he has. Democrats have their foot on your throat though. They have thoroughly brainwashed you while working to keep you down. If you want to be surrounded by migrants and you hate America so much why don't you make that 10 mile trek and live with them? I have more respect for the immigrants coming in legally and waiting their turn in line to do so to let this mob of criminals cut in line before them just because they are trying to strong arm and mob the government!
    • Thinker
      Yes, it would be best if they remained in their home countries or even in Mexico. Have you ever been to Mexico or some of the countries of Central or South America? I have. Jobs are hard to come by. When I was doing missions work in Mexico the government had a road repair on the highway from Amatitan to Agua Fria. The highway is cobble stone and the stones needed re-setting and the bar ditches cleaned. Those men lucky enough to get the job worked from 6 AM until 6 PM for equivalent to $35 per week US dollars. Also you say they provide no value in the USA if it were not for these people coming here to work you would have less food available in the grocery stores so you can buy them to bring home to eat. Maybe Americans should consider going into the fields and harvesting those crops that still require hand harvesting. Put those on welfare to work harvesting instead of sitting on their fat asses drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. These people come here to get out of the violence and lack of ability to provide for their families. No, not everyone should be admitted because there are those such as the MS13 gang and the drug cartels but those whom wish to come here to better themselves should be allowed in.
    • mugwort
      The people in the caravan are seeking asylum. Its very simple. When they reach the border they should actively seek asylum and see from there. Seeking asylum is totally legal in the US. Most if not everyone of them are trying their best to escape untenable living conditions in their individual nations,.
    • Linda Joy
      mugwort, No, they are not. They have marched through several countries where they could have applied for asylum, so obviously that's not their goal.
    • Linda Joy
      thinker, we've been through this. And yes, I've worked in the fields, too. When I was a teenager in Iowa I detassled corn. We already have laws in place to decide who gets to come here and who doesn't. They are good laws and should be enforced.
    • ReiSan
      Donald Trump is not lying. Do not believe the leis from the Lunatic Left Fake News Media.
  • It's not about them seeking asylum from Honduras. If that's the case, they're walking through 2 other countries to get here. They need to be sent back from whence they came and Trump needs to cut aid to Mexico & Guatemala for not stopping them already.
  • i think as long as people arent dangerous they should be allowed to conne here
    • Archie Bunker
      How is unfettered immigration a good thing?
    • Linda Joy
      They've already proved by their actions that they ARE DANGEROUS. And they are coming here illegally.
    • ReiSan
      You would allow anyone to enter the USA then. Many of them are dangerous. You are so deluded.
  • They're NOT migrants, and it's NOT a caravan! It's an INVASION OF ILLEGALS!!!
    • ReiSan
      Yes, it certainly is.
  • thats up to trunnp what he wants to do , i just hope they dont do anything violent
    • Linda Joy
      They've already been violent, and its not up to Trump. We have laws in place to deal with these people.
    • ReiSan
      They tossed stones at the border patrol and were given tear gas.
  • They are invaders who must be stopped by any means needed. Drive them back where they belong.
  • I personally think all invaders should be shot..

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