• PLEASE DO NOT RATE THIS ANSWER! This question was inspired by an event I saw on C-SPAN. It was a discussion with some of the contributors to a book called "Why I turned Right" A recurring theme was that each speaker had a rude/obnoxious encounter with a wild-eyed left-wing academic who was arrogant and condescending. To me, it seemed narrow-minded to dismiss a branch of political thought just because one advocate of it was a twit. Which led me to wonder about just what sorts of events/encounters shape other peoples' views. Thanks for all your answers. O.S.
  • 2 Tim 3:1-5 describes “critical times, hard to deal with” and I have definitely seen things go from bad to worse during my lifetime. I feel that the onslaught of school shootings and the mistreatment of helpless children is what has me convinced that mankind’s moral standards have shifted drastically.
  • When any representative spends more time putting down their opponent or the opposing party/s they have lost my respect., When a representative discounts the views of their constituents by marginalizing certain positions, they have lost my respect. When they are so isolated from the needs of those with a most modest income, catering to big donors and special interests they have lost my respect. It seems that all parties have lost their way while chasing the carrot. Therefore I prefer true independents that are not beholden to cookie cutter party platforms.

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