• Yes I think so, a child will be naturally curious about this and so good or bad its best to let them know and make up thier own mind.
  • I believe they do. The only way I feel they wouldnt is if their parents were keeping them from being harmed for a particular reason. In the end even when a child never met their parent, they will become curious and try to figure i out if they really want to know.
  • YES - When the time is right and healthy and they are ready to know their biological parents
  • If a child wants to know who their biological parents are, then I believe they have the right to know. It's not like wanting a new toy, it's their parents they want to I think they deserve to know if they want to.
  • They have the right to LOOK for them once they're old enough. Their biological parents also have rights, so everyone needs to be cool and careful about this. If the biological parents does not want to have a relationship, the child should respect that wish. The adoptive parents have rights too. They ARE the child's parents. If they've done a good job bringing up the child, then they deserve the child's love and loyalty.
  • yes they do. being an adoptee can feel like being an alien and knowing the people that you get your traits from can be a very good thing.
  • I don't know if they have the right, because children do not have the rights to demand such things, but, in most cases, it is a good thing if efforts are made to contact them. However, there are some impediments that could affect this eg fathers may not be known ( my friend has two adopted boys and the father of one was a one night stand, and he returned to his homeland, not knowing the woman was pregnant), parents may be unknown (overseas adoptions) or parents may have abandoned the children and be uninterested in the children at all (as in the case of another friends' children, full brothers to parents who abandoned them legally)or have been deemed unsuitable to ever see the children (as in a third case of neglect I know). What adoptees do as adults to trace their biological parents is their decision, but in many cases, the security of having parents, albeit adoptive ones, is all that children need.
  • They have a right to know they're adopted and who the parents are and they do have the right to contact them. But they realy don't have the right to force a parent who doesn't want to be in their lives to be there. However, I do feel that those kinds of parents are crule and heartless and thank god they gave the baby up.
  • It depends on the situation. Some biological parents are best left alone.
  • The children have the right to decide to meet their biological parents but I don't think the parents have the right to force them to do it.
  • absolutely
  • Im a child trying to find my biological father.Im 18 years old, an I think that im at a good mature age,An i think we do have the right to find out who they are.Because im at the stage where whatever outcome i can accept it! I understand that this life changing process will be very emotional an i have to approach the situation with the fact that he may not wont anything to do with me, he may not even know i exsist. But i also have hope that he will wont to be a part of my life. An if he doesnt wont anything to do with me i can accept that. Im just wonting to fill this empty hole of "knowing who he is!" An also for health reasons. I just wont to know if i get my crazy silliness from him, or my deep blue eyes! if you have never been in this type of situation you really have no right to say if we do or do not have the right!..Thanks! An sorry so long! :)
  • I believe they do not just from the medical stand point. They need to know who their parents are. When I met my dad for the first time at 28 I can't explain it but I felt that half of me was complete. :) Its important.
  • No doubt about it. I feel very strongly about that.
  • i think they do as ive not know my dad and im 15 sometimes you feel like you realy need know who he is other times im crying there is no time when i dont feel like i want to know who he is?
  • yes they have every right for a chance to know their real parents and to question them why they where given up .

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