• Nope. If they can't unf*ck themselves, how are they supposed to take care of their kids? Then we'll end up taking care of the kids 'cause they'll end up f*cked up.
    • Linda Joy
      Well, I did say recovering so at least they're trying. What do you mean 'we'? When did the government ever do anything right? You think the kids will be less messed up because they were raised by 'the government'? I'm concerned for this Gen Z.
    • Archie Bunker
      "We" meaning the taxpayers because they'll either be on the government dole through welfare programs or in prison. And absolutley not, the government f*cks up pretty much everything. And yes, the Tide Pod eating generation is worrisome.
    • Linda Joy
      Up 'till now I've always thought our children would adjust and learn what they need before they need it. But I think its the sheer number of them and their potential to make sweeping changes in the future that both frightens and excites me! What will they choose for themselves and their generation? Hopefully I'll be dead by then and not have to worry about it. But knowing my luck they'll figure out a way to make us live forever!
    • Archie Bunker
      I think that if modern history tells you anything, we might be in trouble. I don't want to use the same example, but the Tide Pod eaters show that there's not a lot of thought put into things sometimes. When you look at interviews that alot of these young kids give, college students especially, you see a total disconnect from the reality of the world. And to me, that goes back to the participation trophy thing. Everyone is not a winner. There will be losers. And you cannot be anything that you want to be. You have to look at your own limitations and your own abilities and find happiness within those. I think that is lost on the younger generation because they've never had to grow up realizing those things. They've been coddled their whole lives and then then the reality of life hits them and they're not prepared. They've heard "equality, equality, equality" all their lives and think that it translates to equality of outcome. Well, life's not like that.
  • only if theyre not using anything or doing anything illegal
  • Yes. if you have republicans and antivaxxers who are allowed to parent their children, then addicts should be too.
  • Being in recovery is an opportunity for many addicts to amend their ways, which will bring a change that will greatly benefit their children. Many addicts experience a spiritual awakening once in recovery and commit to serve humanity.

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