• Internet addiction or virtual addiction is a controversial issue that is becoming more of a concern than ever before. As a society we use the Internet for work, educational purposes and as a social tool but how do we know when that use is becoming an issue that can have a negative effect on our lives? There are simple factors to consider when trying to determine whether you have developed an Internet addiction.

    Social Issues

    Are you concerned that your Internet use is affecting your social life? Take some time to think about your Internet use and ask yourself a few simple questions. Are you spending more time than usual in online chat rooms and forums? Are you engaging in sexual activities such as cybersex online? Have you been spending a good deal of your time looking at pornographic web sites? Have you noticed that you are spending more time with your "virtual friends" on social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook than you do with your regular friends and family? Are you finding yourself surfing the Internet when you should be working? Is your Internet use getting you reprimanded at work?

    Physical Issues

    Excessive computer use has been proven to cause a variety of physical issues. You could be developing vision problems, hearing problems caused by listening to music or playing video games too loudly and you may notice that you are suffering from fatigue and headaches more often. Ergonomics can also be a large factor in your physical well-being. Increased back, neck and leg pain can become more prevalent and you may be putting yourself at risk for issues suck as carpal tunnel syndrome. If these physical issues are a concern you may seriously consider getting tested or testing yourself for a possible Internet addiction.

    How to Test for Internet Addiction

    There are tests you can take online that can help you determine whether you may be addicted to the Internet. A simple Google search for "Internet Addiction Test" will provide a variety of tests. If these tests show that you may have cause for concern, contacting a psychologist for advice will provide you with additional information and support.


    Internet Addiction Study

    Intenet Addiction Study

  • Get off the internet. If it bothers you then you're addicted. Set limits and stick to them if you find you can't then get professional help.

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