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  • Yes but only so I could make him have sex with me.. I like the challenge.. good luck!!
  • I did. If that helps.
  • thats very honorable but a little creepy. dont put it out there, it makes it seem like theres something wrong with you. dont be afraid of sex,it will make it awkward when you finally get with someone you really love. the good guy thing only gets you so far, make sure you really care for the person and get it over with
  • You're a MAN! Stop letting women dictate your life, my friend.
  • You will be a wonderful husband to the right woman. I don't date people because they have had sex before or not. It's not my priority.
  • are you making love to yourself in the mean time?
  • dude the nicest gift that you could give would be a screaming orgasm that would blow her mind and make her temporarily lose her sight. trust me, she'll appreciate that WAY more than your four minutes of, "oh, oh, oh my god... i didn't mean for that to happen."
  • yes +5
  • If I was a woman, I'd probably date you just to pop your cheery LOL No offense, if you can find yourself a good Christian girl she may appreciate it, but the rest of the women out there probably won't want to play "teacher". You're 33, you better get onto it quickly. If you're not doing this for religious reasons, I can see that you'll still be single for a while, I'm sorry to say. Most women will find it strange that a 33 year old has never had sex with a women, unless he's gay of course... Do what makes you happy, but be real at the same time. I don't think what you're doing is necessary and you may find yourself disappointed when your "gift" isn't appreciated the way you had hoped.
  • I see nothing wrong with your beliefs. I think it is very thoughtful that you want to save yourself for your wife. I hope she also saves herself for you. :-)
  • Nice to keep yourself but you might be missing out on finding the true essence of making love. You might make love and think thats it, but if you had experience you would know what you would want. But its nice to know there are men out there that are keeping themselves. I have dated a virgin yes but no experience there my friend.
  • Oh so thats why vigrins do that. Though it was just a religious thing but hope you make her happy.
  • You've missed out on 18 years already. Maybe only 10 left until viagra time. Don't waste it.
  • Do you know what I really wish I had done this. I've always had beleives but as I grew up my beleives got stronger and I wanted to know more. I'm 20 now (even though I feel ike I'm still 17) But I really wish I had saved myself. And my boyfriends and I wanted to know more about God and that toghther and we both wished we had saved our seft fir marrage. +5
  • I am 30 and I regret my first marriage. I wish I could give my virginity to my next wife especially since the woman I am likely to marry is a 27 year old virgin
  • Sure, why not? Assuming you are a nice guy and we are compatible, sex isn't my highest priority in dating a man.
  • I have no issue dating a virgin, and have done so... But a 33 year old one who won't have sex until marriage? I wouldn't date a man like that. The nicest gift a guy could give me on my wedding night would be to actually know what the hell he's doing. A virgin, even an old one, does not know what they're doing. Not to mention we'd obviously have greatly different views on sex and what is important, which no doubt would be the case in other aspects of the relationship... resulting in the relationship not working out.
  • Oh yes....Cuz I don't want to marry Liberal Guy in sexual department.....
  • Only if you were hung like a baboon
  • Don't think I'd ever want to date someone who wasn't. But that doesn't matter because I'm already in a relationship with the only person I'll ever be in one with.
  • I have been with virgins in the past if that counts for anything.
  • I wish there were more men like you. I hope the rest of your character is good as well.

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