• Yes, cooking is in my Italian tradition.
  • I haven't earned the title 'Chef' but those that I have cooked for seem to have liked it. Except for the Chicken Marsala - that turned out to be a Burger King night. My latest success was chicken breast seasoned with Adams Reserve Burger Spice seared in Avocado oil then into the pressure cooker with apples and hatch peppers. Two things told me it was a success. 1. There were no leftovers and 2. the grandkids liked it. The Ratatouille doesn't last very long and the chicken and dumplings continue to win the day. I smoked a brisket once that came out red and juicy on the inside and black on the outside, 5 or six hours I think.
  • yes I managed a restaurant for a couple years put out a buffet almost every other day. And I cooked for my family of course

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