• Rolled in egg batter sounds good. I'm not good at preparing eggplant. I've always enjoyed it fried in pan when someone else makes it. Elderly ladies seems to have a recipe that works.
  • i like it, i just rarely eat it
    • Linda Joy
      I'm guessing you've never cooked one?
    • pearllederman
      i dont cook, i nnicrowave
  • Try it the Roman way: bake wide strips of eggplant (I peel the sides), topped with strips of zucchini, basil leaves, parmesan and some marinara.
    • Linda Joy
      That sounds similar to eggplant parmesan. Only I just sliced it in round slices then battered and fried it and then added the marinara and parmesan and baked it. In all honesty it was usually left over fried eggplant that I wanted to taste different the next day. haha.
  • Dead and burned 100 miles away. Eggplant (called "Aubergine" in proper English) should be considered a warcrime against cookery to grow - let alone cook. It's awful stuff.
    • Victorine
      English is an official language in many countries, and by now, there is no "proper" English -- only standard English, which is the same the world over in terms of grammar but varies perfectly legitimately in terms of some limited vocabulary. And I must point out that "aubergine" is actually an Arabic word that the British adopted via French. By the way, try telling the Australians, who use "eggplant," that they don't speak "proper" English. See where that gets you.
    • wiseacre
      Doesn't jshm22 taste pallet sound as if it is not developed yet?
  • I like eggplant just about any way it can be cooked. Last year, I had only 1 eggplant survive a late frost in the spring, but it produced a total of 19 eggplants. I tried a new way of brushing slices with oil and grilling both sides and salting them, then into a jar with peppers garlic and olive oil. This preserves the eggplant, and you pull it out and eat it with bread. It was pretty good.
    • Linda Joy
      That sounds good! And another benefit is I don't have to eat a whole eggplant by myself before it goes bad!
    • dalcocono
      That's right. I found that recipe on youtube. They have a lot of eggplant stuff from different cultures.
  • Grilled or stuffed and baked. I also use it in an Asian fish curry, in ratatouille, and in an eggplant parmesan -- but I never batter the eggplant. That's too heavy a treatment.

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