• "Whitebox" ... anything else.
  • most likely would buy microsoft or hewlett packard never and i mean ever would i touch or by a dell again. This company has hidden fees,all over the place and there computers are just down right horrible..
  • Don't know. The jury is still out on my new Acer.
  • macintosh
  • It's so sad that so many companies earn their way onto the Sh*t list. Remember when Gateway 2000 was once the best in the business? then they just became another me-too junkbox. As weird as it sounds, Apple (booted into windows) is one of the best PCs you can get these days.
  • Well i generally build my own systems, but i think i will buy a dell netbook. So a dell.
  • We'll be buying the kids a wii for christmas. There aren't any i'd not buy again, the xbox360 we had to replace 3 times but will eventually replace it again as it's a great console, it's just a shame they break so quickly.
  • apple I will buy another mac in about 1 year I have thrived using the imac its wonderful,powerful,simple to use the ones they have out now are twice as powerful as mine,I may even buy an 8core mac pro with an led display. I wouldnt buy a p.c again the company I got mine from about 4 years ago folded 3 months after I got it and the pc was very basic and a real headache to get it to do anything at all.
  • Dell, Dell, Dell, Acer, then anything else. I've known the boys at Dell for a while so know the game and even the engineers would buy it. Reliability and price both in one. OK the Alienware range is a bit overpriced but the look is unmatched.
  • I will never buy a Packard Bell again. It came with a ton of their own software installed, and most of it I wasn't able to remove. And they didn't supply me with the Windows install disk so I couldn't reformat. Next time I buy a computer I will buy parts, including a blank unused HD, and I'll assemble it myself.
  • I will probably never buy another Dell. I will probably buy a Toshiba, or try a Mac.
  • i will stick with dell. i will never buy compaq again. +5
  • HP never had a problem with it. NEVER, will get a dell again.
  • My first computer, back in primitive days, was a Compaq. It was OK, I guess. I think they lost their former favorable reputation. My second computer was a Winbook, which gave me few problems and provided an excellent free technical support line. It may have changed, but their phone techies were always there without their hand out for a per hour fee. They never failed to help me out...for free! I don't even know whether or not Winbook still exists. My current computer is a Toshiba. I have not been pleased with it. The screen was/is shot after only four years' use. Afterwards, I learned that Toshiba is well known for this problem. The technical support was so putrid that I ceased calling upon them early on. At this juncture, I have no idea which brand I will purchase in the future. I'll have to rely on recommendations from folks I trust...since I am a computer moron. +5
  • Already have a Dell OptiPlex 7010 waiting to replace my current OptiPlex 960 MiniTower. I would never buy anything smaller than a mini-tower (with a spare 5.25 bay), anything less than 16GB RAM, or any having a CPU below an i7.
  • The next computer I will buy will be used like the one I write you on now. I will never buy a new computer again, for how easily people throw them away, easily repairable.
  • I've had good luck with used Dell computers. If I scrape together enough dough to buy new, I'll build my own system. Best computer I ever owned was one I put together.

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