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  • Unfortunately you need to understand that people cannot always be accepting. I suggest therapy as this is a small problem although it may seem large. No obstacle is to big.
  • Well shes missing out on a great thing but if you really wanna kill yourself turn on the engine in your garadge then fall asleep with it on or hang your self or jump off a building have fun dieing -.-\
  • Bloody hell chap people in Gaza have lost families because of something they didn't do and you’re all over something one person didn't do. If the girl was worth the hassle then she would have a crowd but its just infatuation and if you let it work it’s way out your system you’ll be better for it. Look at some pictures of girls with anorexia or skin cancer that’s all you’re infatuated with, body, nothing in her head as she obviously doesn’t want you that way. Or if you can’t get over her that way at least give her a chance as a friend, spend your pocket money and get her something nice. If you hang, then that money’s going to waste anyway so you might as well throw the dice one last time. Really look at her up close, if she still disses you then get her out your head she’s a bitch and will end up with a gangbanging boyfriend. But if she accepts you as a friend then you’ve both won as she’s found someone who cares about her and you’ve found out she gives a toss about you. If it develops further then fine if not then what the hell at least you can masturbate about her. Unhealthy obsession though, infatuation never ends well
  • you'll figure it out IF you really want it bad enough...have you ever heard 'be careful what you wish for'? you must be awful young ...and its infatuation and can't handle rejection.... i know you are emotionally in pain , we all have been at times in LIFE...its not the end for u although u think so at the moment....calm down and try to grow up a little.....
  • Roll around in some honey and then wander into the woods to get eaten by a bear.
  • you really need to talk to someone - you probably hate hearing that. sorry, i love one guy and i know he will never like me. you need to stay strong. do things you enjoy, try to find little things even. just hold on, if she cant see or if she doesn't like you then maybe she isn't worth it? love may give us joy in life but there are other loves too, please please please just dont kill yourself!
  • get some therapy and dont cling on to people or you will get hurt. this is a lesson one must learn during their life
  • Eat as much rice (uncooked) as you can and then chug at least 2 gallons of water
  • Just find another girl.
  • Look George ... Don't be an idiot ! NO ONE is worth "killing Yourself" over ... plain and simple . Everyone has had a relationship go sour at one time or another ... OR has liked / loved someone who does not love them .... The best thing to do ; is to take a BREAK for a couple of months ; THEN get back into the dating scene and find yourself a girl who DOES and WILL love and care about you like YOU love and care about her ... However; do NOT be too clingy and smothering as that WILL ruin a relationship ASAP .... Best of luck to you !! +5
  • Well then I guess you've decided it then? Stop being so silly this minute!!!! Should you do yourself in she will never have the chance to know you! Oh, not to mention the fact that if reincarnation is real you may come back as an earth worm! Would she ever love you then? I won't tell you anything cheesy about loving yourself first or being strong. It won't ring true to you if you have already decided what to do. I will say this, life holds some surprises and if you leave you will never know what it had in store for you.
  • One stupid girl? And you're willing to KILL yourself over her??? Don't be an idiot. What you are feeling is NOT love. It is mere infatuation. Chemical reactions. You would have gotten over her even if you married her. Why do you think the divorce rate is so high in the US? YOU CANNOT TRUST YOUR HORMONES. Shake it off and get back in the game.
  • Ahh another obsessed person. I know the feeling. I even have tried to commit suicide but ended up in the hospital. Nothing special the guy was. It was all in my head. I laughed my ass off afterwards. What was I thinking! Commiting suicide because a person didnt love me back. It is hurtful, hell yes it is, but these things make you grow. It's part of life, so dont give up on it. It's just another trial you face. Rejection. Because of it, your love grows stronger, but it's all just in your head and its all very human to want what you cannot have. Think about it.
  • The problem with suicide is that often it doesn't work, and people are left maimed, brain damaged or disfigured. And I don't know about you, but to me that would be a lot worse than being in love with someone who doesn't love me.
  • maybe you should get some help instead

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