• Their Italian, LOL.
  • To emphasise the point(s) they are making. Usually the sign of an honest person.
  • They wanted to show off that they know better then you ,but on other hand they lack confidence in themselves.
  • Verbal communications are only part of the story.
  • It kinda makes the conversation a bit more interesting at times. Could you imagine if when someone talked to you that both of you had your hands down to your side? I think it seperates us from robots
  • (Facial) expressions are no.1 in communication. Speech is mere digitalisation of our thoughts.
  • To ensure they are heard, if the words don't do it, maybe the hands will.
  • Some people do, as route mentioned, intend for their 'hand waving' to emphazize their statements. But, some people do so simply because they think kinesthetically. It has also been empiriacly demonstrated by psychologists that hand waving is an indicator of creativity
  • Because only 9% of our conversation is the words. close to 20% is our tone, and like 70% is body language. So moving our hands helpd us convey our message much better. This is the reason that emails and to some extent phone conversations can be easily misunderstood. Please don't quote me on the numbers they are from memory. If you know the actual numbers please correct them.
  • maybe cause theyre nervous, i hate that
  • A Deaf good way to communicate.
  • Because our ancestors communicated with their hands before their voices.
  • It's called "gesticulation" and is something most people do.
  • Why is it important? Gestures and facial expressions add visual and emotional emphasis to your speech. They may stir up your feelings and therefore enliven your voice. What do you need to do? Use movements of the hands, the shoulders, or the entire body to express ideas, sentiments, or attitudes. Use the eyes and the mouth as well as the positioning of the head to reinforce the spoken word and to convey feelings.
  • Along with facial expressions it helps people to communicate. You can see how true this is if you go to another country and while learning the host country language you have to speak it on the phone (no hand gestures). At least at the beginning it's quite a bit harder to understand.
  • (Shrugs shoulders) Sign language?
  • Adds expression to their words. Dad needed space when he spoke. Must be the Italian genes. I'm the same when i'm in an expressive mood

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