• I've had a lot of practice with this and was taught early by example to not look back. But as I got older I realised the value of old friends. So for me leaving a place is relatively easy compared to leaving people. But I really struggle when it comes to moving on from a romantic relationship. I tend to try and make it work or fix it. What about you?
    • Ice man
      Pretty much the same. I'm not a quitter, but there comes a time to move along and I do.
    • Linda Joy
      Have you moved a lot?
    • Ice man
      I was going to say no because in the later years I put down roots and only moved a couple of times. But then I thought about the younger, wild years .. and yeah I guess I did move around an awful lot.
  • Usually just get put in the penalty box.
    • Ice man
      funny how that works ..
    • Lilo Avli
      Not for my many personalities, it ain't. Four of me are permanently locked up and only four of me are left to roam free. Someone has even stolen three of my "inmates" and continues to stalk me on here. Absolutely brilliant fun and devilishly clever.

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