• Yes, but my mom stopped smoking. Just kidding. sisters' father was cremated. They sprinkled his ashes at a beach in Puerto Rico.
  • No, we bury our loved ones.
  • Yes, and it was along a river in Michigan. We had agreed on cremaation years ago so we wouldn't drain each other financially. (Funerals arent cheap). I scattered her ashes at a spot that was a favorite for both of us, and a friend has said she will do the same for me.
  • Yes. My father's wishes were to be spread at St. Mary's by the sea (Long Island Sound) because it was his favorite place. We had an additional service there when we spread his ashes.
  • Yes, a couple of times. One wanted to be spread in a pasture, so he could be with his beloved horses.
  • My husband gave the ashes of his father to the river Delaware in northeastern Pennsylvania, where we lived at that time, while I stood next to him in a boat. Several others of the extended family are in there too.
  • This question or act could be judged in many areas in society so I guess I would have to plead the 5th
  • No. Not yet.
  • My pet Dobie was put down with cancer, we mourned her loss, and her jar sits in a special place, we are going to spread those ashes some day in her favorite places.
  • A few. I have also crewed on a boat that did this a couple of times.
  • No and its a day I don't look forward too chief..
  • Yes. recently.
  • Just when I had to empty my dad's ashtray when I was cleaning. He was a chain smoker.:)
  • Yes, my Mom's, three miles off the Pacific Ocean
  • A small portion of my dad's ashes were sprinkled in the favorite camping area. This was a place that he took all of us kids every year. Nice creek running through and he LOVED to catch and cook those Brook Trout. But my grandma wanted to have a plot for him so she'd have a place to go to see him. So he is in 2 places, just to make everyone happy. He wanted to be cremated. Also my grandma is in the same camping area. She died of Alzheimers 3 yrs ago. +5
  • No but my Brother was cremated and his ashes were put in an Urn that now rests in a Mausoleum. +5 Chief Peace, Jonathan
  • No, loved ones are my daughters, I am thankfully at the top of my family tree :)
  • My cousin was cremated, but I was not invited to the scattering.
  • Yes. It wasn't as meaningful as I had hoped.
  • No, I haven't, Chief. In fact, in all of my 71 years, I never had a family member, or even a friend, cremated. Until recently, as you know, cremation was not as commonplace as it is today. I do not fear death, nor do I wish that my passing be mourned. I have instructed that I be cremated and that my ashes be tossed to the sea from a cruise ship, where I have hosted family and friends on a week-long fun excursion. I wish my life to be celebrated with fun and laughter, just as I have lived this wonderful life with them. [One thing, though, I ain't pickin' their bar tab, though! Not that crew!! That they can handle on their own! :-)] My condolences, Chief, on the passing of your great Uncle. I share this Sunday morning's sunrise with you, looking out over the ocean from my living room window. Chuck +5
  • No the people in my family, always get buried. But my Aunts, mother in law, her ashes were.
  • it was just ashes. we were on a bluff and we dumped them into the wind. the next time i see that old geezer, he will tell me he wasnt there.
  • No . . . my son was buried as I wished.
  • Yes, I sprinkled the ashes of my late father-in-law into the river but we kept his bones with some ashes in an urn.

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