• yes and thank you
  • Yes many times I have wished I could. And thanks for the heads up too.
  • wonder where you goggle it
    • Linda Joy
      You go to and key it in.
  • Ummmmm, no.
    • Linda Joy
      Your questions are only 4 Pages deep! Eventually you might. And now you already know how!
    • Abha
      I don`t search for a question on ab. I just ask them when i want some opinions and also post what i think in that empty space....
    • Abha
      off course there`s not been much time since i am here....on questions would certainly be less, than people who are here for years......
    • Linda Joy
      I asked a lot more my first 3 months here than I have lately. it would have taken me a long time to find this question I posted at my 3 month mark paging through AB.
    • Abha
      I don`t have so much time to spend on this site....Like going on posting questions and all.......
  • Sure you can, just push the right button!
  • maybe but ive never tried to search for a question

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