• Loaded question fallacy? Yes.
  • It's 2009; why not give it a rest?
  • the election were fixed, both 2000 & 2004 And the more they dig, the more evidence there is that George Walker Bush did not win Florida, and therefore the presidency. Fair and square. Indeed, he may not have won at all. He is our legitimate 43rd president, but it looks more and more that he arrived there illegitimately. there is conclusive proof that Republicans were willing to say or do anything to win Florida in 2000. And did. Even cheating on absentee ballots. We know now what we suspected all along. The election in Florida was not conducted fairly nor ended fairly. That will forever cast a cloud over the Bush presidency. Using a variety of criminal methods that they have perfected over the past 8 years, the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney-Karl Rove syndicate stole another election, and extended their illegal occupation of the White House. Experienced, informed and unblinking observers were not fooled by any aspect of this utterly predictable goose-step towards full dictatorship.
  • we have little reason to trust the official results in the 2004 U.S. presidential election.
  • LMAO! I got to vote in Ohio and I've never talked to anyone in this State that didn't. You Libs have some real mental issues. GET OVER GEORGE BUSH! LOL

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