• itd be weird to hear girls poop next to me.
  • I don't really care.
  • no that could cause major problems...there is a reason why the majority of bathrooms are separating the women and men...
  • No. What about isolated bathrooms? A woman wouldn't appreciate some male loiterer hanging around her toilet, like happens often. It is bad enough for us men that they are there.
  • I would not mind, only for good looking females & only me
  • Yes, absolutely! Can't think of any good reason why not... except I am a man and often there is a long que to the women's. Sexual equality... lets all que together. Could even be good for singles!!!
  • I dont think so alot of sick people in this world your giving more peverts a bigger oppurtinity to stalk pray. Think about if every bathroom is unisex a little 10 year old girl could walk into a bathroom full of grown men and in this sick world that means trouble.
  • I wouldn't like it. I have been in a unisex bathroom in a nightclub and I didn't like. So at least I can say I tried it.
  • Yeh then you can hear a sexy female taking a nasty dump in2 the bowl. All the lumps droping etc.
  • No way, I have convinced myself that girls don't poop. This would mess with my world.
  • No, not at all. There has to be some sense of privacy.
  • Honestly, when I was a teenager I would have been mortified if guys were in my bathroom. It is hard enough to change a maxi pad when you know another women has to hear the rip of the strip, but a boy. I nearly fainted when I was picking out maxi pads at a grocery store and the cutest boy in my class walked down that row. Not to mention I really don't feel the need to see men's shlongs when I go to the bathroom. I know as a rule men don't look, but as a woman I couldn't help it. It would be way to temping. Women go to the bathroom together to talk about men, it would be way to awkward if men were listening to us ladies gab about how small their guy is and how terrible in bed they are. Not that my man is small, or terrible in bed. But women do talk this way. And men would you like it if a woman came up to you while you were peeing and laughed and said "Do you have a magnifying glass I just can't make it out?" My guess is no. Women like their privacy. I stayed at a motel in Europe with co-ed bathrooms and had to hear a guy whacking off in the shower next to me. It was disgusting.
  • Nope... its one thing having unisex bathrooms at college, or in nightclubs - but no, public bathrooms should be single sex. There are just so many people who would hate to share, and they should be looked out for.
  • no, i wouldnt want to go to the bathrm with the guys
  • No they shouldn't. They shouldn't be in college dorms or in schools. Men and women are different, it's just a biological fact.

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