• She's still not in the ground?! I've been trying to avoid hearing about the trial(s), but I got really pissed when I heard her mom was still fighting for her remains. Why doesn't she want her to be buried by her son, in a place she loved? Ugh.
  • I think he should have just had the whole lot of them shot by the firing squad and sent the baby to me and her inheritance to me.
  • Anna Nicole got half the cremains of her former husband J. Howard Marshall. She used to carry the urn around with her on her t.v. show and talk to him. This whole fiasco with the bodies of James Brown and Anna Nicole Smith is a mockery, just get them planted already.
  • That whole situation is a complete freak show. I mean the woman bought a plot next to her son and obviously wanted to be buried there. There should have been no discussion about it at all.
  • Certainly not She had bought her plot and the judge was abiding by her wishes. She wanted to be buried beside her son.

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