• It depends on what the problem is, but i can usually fix it
  • The last time I took it to a professional was 7 years ago, plus I fix all my close friends' computers too.
  • I can barely turn on my computer.
  • My wife runs a computer support company for small businesses. I'm not allowed to mess with my computer.
  • Computers are modularized to the point where all you need to do is isolate the module with the problem and replace it. It takes some experience to learn which module performs each function. It's a little trickier when your mainboard includes what we used to call "peripheral" functions integrated on it. My mainboard includes the audio, video, and Ethernet adapters. The Ethernet adapter went south so I bought a used one from the local recycle store for $3. Back in business!
  • I fix my computers myself. Sometimes I make a little money fixing other people's.
  • It depends what it involves. I can fix software issues enough. Hardware I would probably turn to my boyfriend or my dad. If a software issue gets too confusing or I have an issue to do with networking or internet I tend to call my dad and ask his opinion.
  • At work,never.It's not my Job.At home always.
  • I would need a professional...
  • I always fix my own computer.
  • i need a professional or just somebody knowlegeable in computers. i tend to panic when something goes wrong.
  • I scream out to my husband that I have a crisis, and he fixes the problem (latest one was getting antivirus 200_ I didnt know it was the actual virus, I cried and he fixed it all up.
  • I can fix some things and anything I cannot do my husband will tell me how or do it for me. I spent most of my time working for small firms who did not have anyone to look after their computers so I taught myself by reasearch and asking knowledgeable people. I do enjoy the challenge of it.
  • I fix my own (on the rare occasions it needs to be fixed) and I fix everyone else's that comes to me, which means I am kept quite busy. I also get broken machines from the tip and get them back on their feet and then find folks to give them to. I do this because I can, not for money - and it is good to help folks. The point of all this is not to receive pats on the head,but to show that fixing computers is something that can be done by 'ordinary' folks, if you are interested in the little beast and not scared of 'breaking' it. I was thrown in the deep end when my non-computery boss gave me my first PC to work from at home (and piles of work to do on it)and one night it went wrong, and I HAD to fix it. It gave me scary moments as Monday morning loomed, when he expected all his completed docs to be on his desk, and all I had was a black screen with a blinking cursor staring at me - but I did it, with the help of a guy on the phone from a PC magazine, who knew some DOS commands and guided me through (this was early Windows 95 days). I made a decision that I was NEVER going through that again - that I would be in charge of this machine and able to cope, whatever fit of sulks it developed. That was years ago, and I have never looked back. Once you know the basics you can't really lose - and you WILL get there in the end if you don't give up.
  • No, I need help as I am computer ignorant.
  • I can and have but no one really fixes anything anymore. They are all replaceable parts. Replace enough and eventually you will have a brand new machine that just has to work ;)
  • I just ask my husband.He's not a professional,but should be.
  • me, a pro can make 1000% profit in some cases
  • i fix my own
  • I'm an electronic technician and can safely say that for the majority of work, I'm more than qualified. However there are times that I prefer that someone else do the work... warranty work or lack of time mostly. Hope this helps.

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