• i say yea
  • Most lingerie is uncomfortable, but it ends up waded on the floor in about 30 seconds anyway, so I don't mind wearing it to get my hubby "going!" -wink-
  • 34th.St. Has ben known to put on "The Boots and panty show" But really. If It is bumming you out, don't do it! Work together to find a sexy place together.
  • thats up to them, but it should be the same on both sides. If she has to wear uncomfortable lingerie or clothing for him, he should be doing the same for her. If he wants her to dance for him in a thong, he should be dancing for her in a thong. ( i know it doesnt work that way, but it should)
  • I don't think a loving spouse would want their mate to wear something which would make them uncomfortable. On the other hand if for instance they want them to wear a yellow blouse/shirt and they hate yellow but know it would make their spouse happy then they should do it.
  • i think so my gf does it for me and i would do it for her if i knew it would make her happy
  • Actually, I've done that when we are going to say a Christmas party. Not because he asks me too, but because I know it makes him happy and I love him so much. Just some high heels with thigh highs and it's worth the smile I receive. And he does the same for me! Not the heels and thigh highs, LOL; but he dresses just the way I like him to on those occasions.
  • No. That would be stupid.
  • anything but a tuxedo.
  • No. No one should have to dress any way except the way they feel comfortable.
  • Every now and then. Sure.
  • No one should have to do anything that isn't the least bit consensual.
  • I cannot imagine being married to a spouse completely unwilling to take my feelings into account and acquiesce to my desires occasionally. Marriage has to have alot of give and take, not just all take.
  • I would not want my s/o to wear something that she does not like and that she feels uncomfortable in that would be just wrong, and I certainly would not do it for her, I don't tell her how to dress neither does she tell me how to dress.
  • yes i think its nice to please your lover.
  • Why does the spouse want the other to be uncomfortable merely for the sake of something that is worn? All in all, I guess it would really depend on what we're talking about here (specifically).
  • I would say that is up to the individual but not in my case. I would never ask my spouse to wear something that made him uncomfortable because I could not be happy knowing he felt uncomfortable.
  • my ex gf made me wear some shiz she never let me wear my collar up on my polo shirts n her fam bought me clothes nthey didnt hav a great taste in fashion but i wore them anyway coz i loved her but nuffin uncomfortable
  • You mean like a tuxedo or like a black latex nurses uniform?
  • why not. life is about giving.
  • I am a kind of man who prefers other's happiness over mine. I believe if it makes my spouse happy I will wear it.

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