• he may not 'beget', but he just couldn't resist that human poontang, could he?
  • Doesn't throwing out the word "not" from most of the commandments create a crapload of sins of omission over the last 3500 years?
  • Beget, begotten=to bring into being......HE may not of sired in the human way but HE certainly brought HIM into being..... i sure find it fascintaing that the HQ made a point to say, these many, many, yrs. back that Jesus was not begotten by God? but the Holy bible nevers mentions the HQ prophet? i don't believe mohammed was a Jehovah's prophet anymore than Islam believes Jesus was the Messiah.... these moslem and hq questions belong in the Islam section of AB.....reason there rather than among the Christian section of AB....we aren't in ur section undermining and slandering ur prophet or hq...because we don't care about them aren't interested...the things u say here are BLASPHEMOUS to our GOD and us.... so, go figure.....

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