• The Gucci Family
  • The one AB staffer who opposed the rating system change in 4.0
  • Not any politician thats for sure. Quality of life is unimportant and the cost of destroying it, will be remembered for a long time. Maybe Rolex
  • It really was Sir Henry Royce, founder of Rolls-Royce take care, ulla
  • Nash, the car company
  • I don't know who. But whoever it was has his/her priorities in the right place. Price, numbers, all that... it's not what you take with you. Ideas, relationships, and living a fulfilling, healthy, balanced life are what actually matters in the end. Quality not quantity speech is over now. :-) Also, I am willing to pay for quality. You get what you pay for, and though I won't pass up a good bargain, I think it is very classy to appreciate an expensive bottle of wine, giving out that full 20% tip, and dressing very well... to name a few examples.

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