• "Persistent, yeah, I know what you mean. It's annoying and sometimes intimidating!!"
  • I don't mind a civilized argument; it let's me know at least the other person is not wrong in his own mind & just continuing the argument for the heck of it. But when you get into an argument where someone starts flying off the handle and foaming at the mouth... then yeah, I just they're f**kin retarded lol
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  • Who says their point is invalid? They must think the same of yours, esp., if your at opposite ends, right? I would say that its not right to think one's opinion is more important than theirs. Even if I can't understand your reasoning, or vice versa, on a some point don't we move on? Isn't it sort of respectful to move on & hopefully that person might have other ideas/personality that you enjoy? Or is it always going to be one topic that ruins it?
  • Well, they may believe in what they are arguing about and they are entitled to their opinion. As long as the arguments are being put forth on a civilized manner I think after a while both must just agree to disagree in a civilized manner.
  • Good critics bring progresses and bad critics bring stagnations. If an argument or critic is logical we should accept it. Usually if I see that somebody is arguing illogically I just stop the argument.
  • Here's the thing.."wrong/invalid" is in the eye of the beholder. The Republicans think the Democrats' point of view is wrong/invalid and vice-versa. Atheists believe that the point of view of religious people is wrong/invalid and vice-versa. So what is "wrong/not valid" to you is only true for you and not for everyone else. If the discussion comes to a point where it becomes an argument, I would simply leave it and focus on other things. When a discussion deteriorates to the point of becoming an argument, everyone loses and nothing is gained so why continue to waste your time? Happy Saturday! :)
  • A point of view is just that. People see things differently and what's wrong in the eyes of one may not be in the eyes of another.
  • People's views can only be wrong if they are based on matters of fact. Most of the people you describe disagree on matters of opinion. The first set should indeed accept when their view is inaccurate. As for the second set, opinion is neither right nor wrong. Political and religious views are the two most common areas of disagreement and, although I disagree with many political and religious statements I hear, I can only consider them wrong if they are FACTUALLY incorrect.
  • Very closed minded....
  • Most likely the point is valid to them.
  • I'd call them determined. Anything wrong with that?
  • If they cannot see that their point is truly invalid, then what is the point? There's nothing wrong with asking, "Am I wrong on this"?, yet people have a hard time doing such a simple thing. In those cases, hopefully they can agree to disagree. If they don't even have THAT social skill, then politely move along in your own life.
  • Rediculous, nasty, hard-headed people who argue for arguments sake are OK...on AB. I can easily pull the plug on 'em with a single click. I don't waste my time with them in the REAL world, either.
  • Try debating a Flat Earth Society imbecile, or a commie cretin, and you will soon understand. ---- ---- ---- There are far better uses for my time than wasting it on 'tards. To each his own.

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