• The evil one his name is Satan. You said what but there are so many whats. Like drinking alcohol, smoking ciggies, ect. And not excluding murder, rape ect.
    • ReiSan
      71% of the world's people do not believe in satans. Drinking alcohol in moderation is fine.
    • Linda Joy
      Before 1897 100% of the worlds population didn't believe in electrons either! Doesn't mean they didn't exist. And one drink is poison to an alcoholic.
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      Not exactly true, not that it affects your point, but Benjamin Franklin wrote about there being some sort of substance that carried electric charge, and that the abundance of the substance within something would mean one charge and a relative lack of it would mean the opposite charge. When the term "electron was proposed in 1894, the idea of what it represented had existed for at least 100 years by then, they just didn't have the same word for it.
  • the way some people act
  • I don't use that term to describe anything. It gives power to an organized external force. What you see is what you get.
  • The con game of organized religion. Some religions inflict feelings of guilt and fear upon people so that they will give them money and totalitarian control of their lives. This comparable to someone poisoning people and selling them antidote or cutting them and selling hem bandages.
    • Roaring
      Like Catholics that have learned to feel guilty, then confess "sins" to feel better
    • Linda Joy
      No one can make any one else feel any certain way. That's a personal choice. So is giving money. Why would an atheist want to assign religion power it does not have? Yet you deny the power it DOES have! Then you spend hours fighting against something you claim doesn't even exist? Why? SMH!
  • Socialism. It's killed 100 million people worldwide. But lets try it again.
    • Linda Joy
      And almost bankrupt every country that tried it, but hey this time its bound to work!! lol Ever notice its usually the same people who got uber rich off capitalism that advocate for socialism yet no one wants the money for these programs to come from their stack of cash! Hahaha! And they're dang sure not living like those on socialism!
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, those that still cheer capitalism, we're gonna be labeled as Nazis. Which I find funny because the Nazis were socialists.
  • Depends on one's worldview. To the atheist there is no such thing as evil as it's all subjective.
  • Vladimir Putin.
  • The Evil Queen, also known as Queen Grimhilde. She is Snow White's vindictive wicked stepmother.
  • People who do wrong to others are evil and other species who kill are evil. There are many forms of evil in people. They are the real monsters and not what you see in horror movies. There could be someone underneath your bed. Possibly an intruder. An Answerbag user on here thinks that atheists think there is no such thing as evil but I happen to prove that person wrong because I’m a firm atheist aware of good and evil in people. I see corruption in people because usually those who are brainwashed into certain delusions either resort to violence or go against anyone who is different to them.

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