• After reading his seven major prophecies I've come to the conclusion that he isn't a true prophet. They are too vague, educated guesses or just plain luck. There are only seven major prophecies, that is too little for him to be considerred a prophet.
  • I do not believe that anyone has the ability to see into the future. The best we can do is make educated guesses.
  • Only God can connect the past with the present, the present with the future, and the future with the past. He spoke though some men for His purpose and not thiers. If we are speaking biblically, every prophet fortold of the next prophet, and the last prophet mentioned was John the Baptist. Since then there have been no prophets. William Branham in not a prophet
  • I am a follower of William Branham and I urge you to look at his message with an open heart. I was skeptical when I first heard about it, but I trusted in the Lord to reveal to me the truth, and he did. William Branham is a true prophet because he was proven by God to be a true prophet, and daily God is revealing himself through this message. I don't pretend to be an expert on doctrine or even on Branham, but I do know that the God Branham professed in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob...and me. However, I will issue a warning: there is A LOT of fanatasism that surrounds his message...don't let yourself become side-tracked into esteeming the man, William Branham. He is a man, and he is pointing to Christ, and you must never confuse him for something he is not. Malachi 4: "Behold I will send you the Prophet Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord, and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers." Someone said there are no more prophets after John the Baptist, but I have to disagree. God is the same yesturday, today, and forever. He spoke through prophets then, he's speaking through them now, and he will continue to speak through them until the Lord comes again. Sorry it's a little long...
  • Branham was a falsh prophet. Look at the picture of him in shorts. He would preach against them in church. He went to Africa to hunt and he had shorts on. His daughter put the picture on You Tube Part 3 Slideshow by Rebekah Branham Smith. Heb 1:1&2
  • You need to read Heb. 1:1&2. WE have Jesus christ that leads and guides us. We are not under the law, no more burn offerings. Heb 13:8 Weare under grace. I don't see the egg car nor trucks. He did not fulfill Mal 4. Dut 22:5 there was not pants in them days. That is goes a long with Rom 1
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am a Christian from India. The following is my opinion about William Branham. William Branham IS - 1. A sinner saved by the Grace of Lord Jesus Christ 2. A Prophet to the gentile church with signs, wonders, miracles, gifts of the Holy Spirit, Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Cloud and manfestation of the Angel of the Lord before the crowds of people. 3. 7th Church Age Messenger (Rev. chap 3 & 10) 4. Forerunner of 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ for His Bride 5. "The Shout" & "The Mid Night Cry" 6. A son of man prophet who revealed "The Son of Man" Jesus Christ. 7. Prophet through whom messianic sign of Discerning the secrets of the heart with 100% accuracy manifested. William Branham IS NOT & DID NOT CLAIM TO BE - sinless/messiah/Christ/God/Lord. He prophecied that a serpent spirit of anitichrist will make such false claim about him. William Branham DID NOT - 1. Ask his followers to listen only to his tapes 2. or preach only from his message 3. forbade speaking in tongues and prophecy 4. forbade wearing jewelry Some of his followers have misintrepreted his message and adopted these rules directly contrary to his message. Famous Indian Evangelists who followed William Branham's message and got re-baptized in the Lord Jesus Christ: 1. Paulaseer Lawire (Manujothi Ashram) 2. Dr. DGS Dinakaran (Jesus Calls) 3. Dr. John Joseph (Christ for Every Soul) DGS Dinakaran & John Joseph remained faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and went to be with the Lord.
  • yes, he was a prophet, and only the predestinated seed will see the revelation in that.
  • Hi, I'm also a christian from india who believes Bro.Branham as true prophet of God. Can you please say what Bro.Branham said about Jewellery? Is John Joseph is still alive and witness for Bro.Branham? I'm eager to know more from you... Can you please send me your answers, any materials, articles to Thanks, Sam
  • Hi brothers, I am fully agree with Anonymous(1st reply) and Kristi. Since Bro.Paulaseer Lawree has gone in a wrong way, other christian brothers stamped Bro.Branham as False Prophet. But nowadays things are changing people get to know the the truth inspite of many opposition. Truly Bro.Branham message is came from the Lord. Thanks Raj
  • Prophet John Joseph of Chennai experienced physical healing at one of Paulaseer Lawrie's meetings. He received immersion water baptism in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ from Bro. Lawrie and received the Holy Spirt baptism when Bro. Lawrie prayed for him. Bro. John Joseph and his family held on to our Lord Jesus by leaving Manujothi Ashram when Bro. Lawrie fell for the sprit of deceiption. Ref: "The South Indian Pentecostal Movement in the Twentieth Century" By Michael Bergunder page 108, 277 & 278 Watch Bro. John Joseph messages on Imayam TV every Thursday 6:30 -7:00 am Bro. Branham on Jewellery: 1) Necklace:{17790}&softpage=Browse_Frame_Pg42 2) Wedding Rings: 1965 - WEDDING CEREMONY - TUCSON AZ - 65-0116X
  • I'm a born-again christian from India and i do not know much about William Branham but i do know that the Dhinakarans are wolves in sheep's clothings. They are heavily influenced by mormonical views on Heaven, Soul and Spirit. If Dhinakaran got re-baptized by William Branham because of his influence, there's much to think about...
  • I'm a born-again christian from India and i do not know much about William Branham but i do know that the Dhinakarans are wolves in sheep's clothings. They are heavily influenced by mormonical views on Heaven, Soul and Spirit. But sadly they are placed on pedestals. Christians ought to read the Bible thoroughly to discern wisely. If Dhinakaran got re-baptized by William Branham because of his influence, there's much to think about...
  • Why is everyone who has answered this, level 1? Are these people trying to make it look like others' agree with them, by duplicating themselves? My opinion: There are NO "true prophets". One man's messiah is another man's heretic is another man's fraud.
  • For those claiming to be born-again believers, the first thing you need to realize is that the man died in 1965. To follow a man that has been dead for 44 years is a little on the odd side. Christians need to focus on Jesus Christ and His Word not a dead so-called "prophet." I'll list some of William Branhams beliefs and see what you think. Remember you can also research Branham for yourself. You don't have to take my word for it. Hers a list of his beliefs.... 1. Branham started off as a Baptist and then changed over to a Oneness Pentecostal. He vehemently denied the Trinity of God and took a strong "Jesus Only" stance in regards to the godhead. This alone places him in the ranks of earlier heretics. The early church fathers fought long and hard battles against those who denied the reality of One God in three distinct persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thus, his Jesus was not the true Jesus of the Bible. 2. Branham also believed he was Elijah the prophet, What was more, other people believed him to be the prophet Elijah who was to come before the return of Christ Jesus. Branham was not Elijah, thus we can easily see the depth of the deception working in him and his followers. 3. Branham taught a works salvation, not uncommon for most Pentecostals, although his form was rather extreme in regards to dress, make-up, etc. Thus, his doctrine of salvation was not sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura as the reformers correctly taught. 4. Branham held to the belief in UFO's and somehow they figure into the end times (which is interesting when one considered the X-Files and Heavens' Gate). 5. He also taught about the great pyramid and its Biblical meaning and significance to his ministry. Branham died in 1965 after his car was struck by a drunk driver. For many days after his death several well known Latter Rain ministers prayed over his body in an attempt to raise Branham from the dead. . .obviously they failed.
  • Disciple of Iesous Christos: What a foolish argument you present!Paul,Peter,Agabus,Jeremiah etc. are also dead.Yet we focus on the Word that God spoke through them.Nothing odd about that. Your opinions 1 to 5 are poorly researched and biased. 1) the trinity IS a Catholic doctrine-do proper research 2)he was Elijah of Mal4 3) he taught salvation by grace like Paul 4)angels visit us according to the Bible. He said 'ufo's' is investigating judgement done by angels,since there are no such things as ufo's by the world's definition.Read your Bible. 5)the pyramid was built by Enoch,the headstone was rejected and represented Christ- read your Bible The prophets were sawn asunder,beheaded,crucified upside down,burnt etc. Being struck by a drunmen driver isn't so bad after all.People praying for him to revive isn't surprising.If you were a prophet with the level of vindication he had,I might do the same over your body. If you must disagree,then at least be truthful. Believer: Another silly argument. Shorts concerns women,not men.
  • The guy that is judging Gods prophet is a unbeliever because the Holy Ghost today would have revealed him as the last prophet to the gentile age and this trinity thing with three gods is insanity. If you can find the word trinity in the Bible I will believe it also but that word don't exist. Why would you ever believe there are three gods? Does God need two other beings to make decisions? He is Sovereign and thinks for Himself and don't need your catholic absolute hericy and your interceding saints that have followed the Lord Jesus Christ and your Catholic heads murdered Him then and riding that PALE horse now Murdering everyone spiritually. Wake up people you will find yourself in the bed of hell sooner then you think. This prophet is your last sign before God sends a fire to clean it all up. Remember that God is not mocked. If you sow to the flesh you reap corruption but if of the Spirit you reap Eternal life.
  • Branham is dead. it does us no good to debate this either way. It just takes away are time to focus on Jesus. We could be meditating on more worthy subjects. We as individuals must firt experience GOD. then we will know truth because we will be filled with Truth."HolyGhost".

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