• He was a thief. Just because he did something with the money that he thought was better than what the other guy was doing with it does not make him right.
    • Wakko
      oh well, I tried to thumb you up. edit: Don't take that the wrong way. :P
    • Archie Bunker
  • Could you imagine if squirrels were capitalists. You'd have one really fat squirrel controlling all the nuts, and selling them at an inflated price. And who asked the tree whose nuts they were to sell?
    • Archie Bunker
      And all the other socialist squirrels wouldn't plan ahead and collect their own nuts. Instead, they would look at the industrious squirrel who was doing the work and demand that he give up 70% of his nuts to those who were less fortunate (didn't work for it).
    • Wakko
      It's a damn shame we can't post pics. :P
  • i thought robin hood was a very moral character yes.
  • considering a corrupt, evil like leader like Prince John was in charge, yes Robin Hood was very moral. he was helping the people of Nottinghamshire. he didn't keep the money he stole from corrupt politicians and business people, he gave it to the overtaxed people. there's a lot of similarities between those corrupt politicians and ours now.
  • No. Yes. Yes. Yes. For more information, please watch this satire:
  • He wasn't real, as far as I know. It's like asking if the Easter Bunny was a good example of moral behavior.

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