• Yes. There are stupid people everywhere.
  • Oh boy, I do all the time... Most from customer services or tech support... very hard to keep a good atitude.
  • Yes. Every day.
  • Oh for sure!!!!!!!!!! Somedays I wonder how people actually get through life! 90% of the people are great, but that other 10%.......
  • You bet I do! I work for the phone compay and let me tell you thier are days it is wall to wall morons!
  • I have felt that way before, but it has never been a helpful or success-building thought for me. I have found I have performed my best, offered the best service, and reached my goals most effectively when i have valued my clients, customers, and coworkers and made myself their servant. It is also amazing how smart, witty, and creative they become when I treat them that way - but that starts with my own thinking. Good luck. It can be frustrating, but I know you are aiming for excellence and a chance to rise above the herd. All the best.
  • not really stupid but many time badly misinformed so this makes the angry and because they are sad at the same time they seem stupid. I just try to over look them knowing what their going though, for most its one of the most difficult times in the lives. Just for FYI I work at a cemetery so people many are going though rough time when they get here.
  • Coworkers, yes I got one. Clients or customers? Many. I meet them daily and they cause a lot of frustration but many times equal as much fun. Normally we crack ourselves when the client is gone. The most stupid question is when my price on the shelve is $50, "Can you do a better price?" We always answer: "Of course, $75 it will be for you." Then he retorts: "You must be kidding" Next answer: "If you insist: $100" Then he wants to go back to the first price of $50, We state: "If you really want it that dearly, You can have it for $150". Most of the time we lose the deal and the customer, but our prices are considerably lower than all our competitors, we don't need to bargain.
  • I have a supervisor's position working for our Government, in this job you must be able to think out of the box, to apply one principal to several different areas. No matter how often we go over the rules, principals, laws, my co-worker just doesn't seem to get it, and one day, hopefully soon, when I retire this person will slide into this position. I want to learn to not get frustrated when after the 14th time of explaining she still doesn't get it. I'm tired of being the bad guy to tax payers because I have to explain why they have to pay huge amounts of taxes to get something recorded. She has told me at times that sometimes she is just feeling lazy or that people don't respect her answers or blah blah blah, there is always an excuse. I try to count, breathe deep and work with her....I'm really at my wits end. Any suggestions?

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