• I agree! Different personalities, together, all day for several days a week can be extremely stressful. Matthew 5:25 tells us to settle matters quickly. Discuss goals and plans openly - Proverbs 15:22. Be mild, kind, patient and positive - Proverbs chapters 15 & 25. These principles are not easy to apply, but if you set high standards for yourself (and never engage in petty workplace gossip & spats) others may follow suit. You can do this!
    • Linda Joy
      very good answer!
  • I know it sounds harsh, I had a very stressful decision to make recently and my therapist told me that I can't make her problems my problems. They are not my responsibility. I had to put my daughter-in-love out in the cold because letting her stay here more than 3 nights could risk me loosing my apartment. Different personalities at work is normal for me since I was in the Navy. We had to live with people we didn't know. But that was better than when I was homeless and had to live with people who were potentially very dangerous. Without knowing more of the situation, I'd advise prayer/meditation and/or counseling if its serious stress there is medication for that. I've only resorted to that when I was seriously wanting to beat the crap out of someone in the shelter who was targeting me, and I didn't want to get kicked out or in jail. It worked! After that all I could do was laugh at her. I guess it would help if I knew more specifics. Is it your responsibility to manage their needs? Or is it friends coming to you to vent? Are you in a position to help them, or is there nothing you can do anyway? Maybe you should ask them how you can help or what they think you can do. Or maybe you should just repeat back to them what you understood them to say just so they know they have been heard and understood. Sometimes that's all they're looking for.
  • Get your own career goals met first, then, once you are the president and CEO of the biggest company on Earth, you can help them figure out their problems much easier.
  • I don't stress about other people not meeting their career goals. That's a personal issue they have to figure out on their own.
  • Always come to work prepared to discuss the news, the weather, interesting or funny stories, or a problem that you can discuss openly. That way you won't be caught discussing someone else's personal problems.😈

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