• The sad reality is that too many people think about themselves above all else. Therefore , they would be insensitive to other's feelings.
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      I don't know if you've noticed, but it isn't the emotionally strong people who keep asking why people aren't sensitive. It's the emotionally challenged who think about themselves and ask why everyone is insensitive toward them.
  • I consider myself sensitive... to others feelings very much... and *sighs* I feel so guilty right now because of something I did. I didn't think of my actions early enough. Now it's already done.
  • Because they are too absorbed in their own feelings.
  • Funny!!! I actually just finished responding to how sensitive people are ignored only to find "why are sensitive people so insensitive"!!! I feel the need to explain that NO matter which side of the fence you fall on in this humans, we only know what we, ourselves, have experienced!! NO matter how sensitive I become, I cannot understand how you arrived at your level of feelings. I ONLY know what level of feelings that I have achieved. So, NO matter which level of sensitivity (or non-sensitivity) that you have, you can ONLY understand what & how you, yourself, feel!!! I don't see anyone as being selfish & insensitive...I see them as ONLY understanding what they have experienced & I'll use my OWN experiences as my measure for how I should deal with my OWN problem as it is NOBODY else responsibility!!!
  • Are you so emotionally challenged that you have to play the sympathy card to get people to support your insecurities?

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