• its possible, i dont wear makeup either and wondered if thats why noone will hire me or ask me out on dates
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one
    • pearllederman
      could you please stop saying noone on all my answers, it makes me feel like someone is making fun of me
    • Anonymous says R.I.P Nelson
      We write no one as two separate words or with a hyphen: no one or no-one but not noone.
  • Congratulations. You will attract guys like me that like the natural look of a woman. Probably your biggest challenge is other women who think they and other women should. Too bad for them.
    • AskingForaFriend
      Thanks, nice to hear. Some people really do care too much about my face being bare haha. I just like spending my time on other things. And scratching any itches/ touching my face throughout the day without worry
  • Some people, especially women have a lot of social pressure on them to compare and compete. Media and men make it worse. Pedophiles in the 70's and 80's promoted pedophile porn with shaved pubic areas. This pedo porn spread to influence regular porn and now all too many women in the western world firmly believe if they are not shorn they are ugly. I know of a woman that actually called for an emergency hair removal when she went into labor so she wouldn't be seen like that. Its absolutely crippling to those who believe it.
  • Something like this has nothing to do with you. It is an indication of the affected mind of the person making the statement. They have a distorted perception of beauty and they are probably seeing their own perceived flaws. They probably think they are telling you something you didn't know to help improve you. But you are fine just the way you are. Until YOU see something you don't like just keep being who you are. Its not your job to look any way for anyone else.
  • I haven't worn makeup in over 40 years. If anyone said anything about it, I asked them WHY it bothered them. I discovered that many guys appreciated a girl that looked the same in the morning as when she went to bed the night before. I called it my truth in advertising look. What you see is what you get. Don't like...then cut your losses & keep on walking. WHY would you want someone who is so shallow as to think that makeup makes the woman??? 😗If they don't like you just like you are then they are NOT going to like you if you change yourself just for them.
  • I've never - ever - seen a young (I'm talking 35 or under), pretty woman or girl who didn't look better without makeup than with makeup. That's literally: never. *** IMO makeup was designed by aging women, and then the young were tricked into thinking it would make them more attractive, in order to "level the playing field"...that is: to make the young and pretty face look no more attractive than that of an older woman wearing makeup. Because then what you're seeing in both cases is the makeup.

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