• Sounds like utter rubbish to me.
  • I never agreed with Casey because he had enough talent given to him that winning was always the norm except when the New York Giants won the World Series in 1954 and the L. A. Dodgers won the World Series in 1959. When someone says, "Most games aren't won, they are lost", I can only think that being involved in the play-offs is out of the question for that team and that manager.
  • I don't know what kind of games Casey plays...I only play the kind of games where everyone is a winner :)
  • yes. statisticly. if 2 players 50percent can win. if more players then a higher percentage of people loose. so statisticly yes. for example the other day i was playing poker with 4 other people. but out of the five only one can win. i did btw
  • That's just a perception. The opposite is true also.
  • No I don't. In the baseball context, I say most games are won by one team and lost by the other. The only exceptions are tie games and games called due to natural causes such as rain, earthquakes (1989), tornadoes(?), snow(?), etc. :p
  • He is 100% correct. In the world of sports, the other team doesn't beat you, you beat yourself.
  • Well, of course he would be the expert wouldn't he? But in my world, the goal is to win the game..each side has the same one side is going to win no matter what. The team that lost tried to's just that the other team was better on that particular day. If you lose most games, you're not gonna be in business long, are you? :) ((hugs)) So I think most games are won and when most games are lost no one watches anymore, no revenue comes in, and you disband and go your separate ways.

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