• Photos, I have a shaky hand and my videos come out looking as if I've been through an earthquake :(
  • Photos. A picture says a thousand words. Videos only say the amount of words said in them (which could a thousand, but it could be 2).
  • photo's usually but it depends sometimes
  • Photos - I enjoy putting together photo albums. We have a camcorder but it seems like a hassle so we only use it for very special events.
  • I love taking photos.:)
  • Photographs because my hands shake too much for video and setting up a tripod can be a pain if your moving.
  • Photos. I go back and look at photos, but never go back and re-watch video.
  • Photographs. When you take photographs, you can participate so much more than when you take videos. It's easy to snap a few pictures here and there and put the camera down in between. Video cameras seem to demand far more attention and focus on the job and less on the fun. Plus videos, though they are great for action shots, really suck when it comes to freezing an expression for all time like a photograph will!
  • I've seen "family videos" that indeed can capture a walk, gestures, mannerisms .. dialect .. just "a way of being" in a way that photos can't. I've heard "family interviews" on audiotape and audio digital files that capture a tone of voice, expressions and even a way of speaking or thinking .. in ways a photo can't. However, both take time, attention and skill .. and even advance planning .. for best results. I've yet to pull off video, but may do a one-time shot on that score. I've recorded lots of oral history. But photography is different all the way around. It's what I'll call the everyday miracle. lol Easy to do. Easy to share results. Equipment is affordable. PHotos are WONDERFUL to look at framed, in photo albums, in scrapbooks, at online family websites. It's FUN to shoot pictures. It's also fun to keep a journal. The two together are an unbeatable team. :) Short answer: take photos over shooting video Long answer: lots of ways to "capture" or "see" our inner and outer worlds. Individual decision on which we choose to use and any of them lead to fine results. Photography is most accessable, yet the range of what's possible is amazing. For me? Have digital camera, will travel. :)
  • Photos..I carry some with me. I like the touch/feel of it. Much like reading actual newspapers versus reading the same articles online..or actually going to a bookstore and reveling among the books rather than ordering a book online. I'm a hands on kinda gal! :) ((hugs))
  • Photos of course. They have eternal value. When I look my old photos in B/W they bring me nostalgic joy. Videos need time and equipment to enjoy.
  • I love taking pictures. One snap and you're done. Video's takes up too much time and you could be missing out on something interesting.
  • I like vidoes since you also have the memorries of the sounds as well.

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