• The spider is probably radioactive. If you let it bite you, you will have super powers.
  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but I can just see you jump 6 ft, and screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay.........I would turn the matress, clean all the webs down from the corners in your room, windows, under the bed, and all that. Pine sol around the windows will keep most critters away. Just alittle pine-sol goes along way!!!!!!!!!
  • That sucks Is it dead now?? Pretty sure it wouldnt have hurt you
  • Thats really scary! If happen to me when i was with my bf at his country house! So soory to hear, i hope you are ok, sorry to say i dont really know how keep them away, i just use a whole bunch of bug sprays when i go there! Ones that go on the floor and ones that you can apply on your skin.
  • I had a spider land on my head once while I was asleep. After that, I made a habit of checking the walls, floor, and ceiling for spiders before getting into bed. I've been lucky not to have any repeat performances of the spider on the forehead.
  • Clear off or dust around your sleeping area to keep them away. You might not want them all to goo, they protect you from other instects like fly's, german cockroaches, moths, and other pets. Plus, their good luck, and anyne who kills one will be cursed for eternity...SIKE ;]
  • get an exterminator!
  • sleep in a net.
  • I'm sure it didn't intentionally set out to scare you, they're more afraid of us then we are of them, but eekkk..that sucks!
  • &lt;<<jumps up and runs screaming at the top of her lungs>>> I'm with you. I hate the f'ing things. My husband thinks it's hilarious, the prick. The only thing you can do to keep spiders down is to vacuum almost everyday. That's the only way I know.
  • Namaste! i don't think that there's anything you can do about spiders that want to run up the wall in that particular time. And one spider isn't the end of the world. Some people that had to be realy bored and like calculating stuff and so tune you that on average you'll swallow about 50 thousand bugs in your sleep during your lifetime.
  • OMG THAT HAPPENED TO ME ONE NIGHT! I make sure every night before i go to bed that there is NO Spiders on the walls or cieling, and i keep shirts handy.. just because it's so convenient to wrap a spider in a shirt... oh i hate that, i did the same shit, i was on AB asking spider questions all night LOL
  • OMG. I would have gone to stay in a hotel. You can't really keep them away while you sleep, but using a net (which is a bit extreme) and checking the room before you go to sleep are good ideas. I usually keep a bottle of bug spray by the bed when my partner isn't with me so I don't have to crush it. Plus, the big spiders can be FAST.

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