• Im not trying to be mean because I have no idea what you a are like or what you look like. But If NO single guys even give you a glance, there is obviously some problem. Looks, bad personality, poor hygine, bad rumor bout you, true rumor bout you, something. Possibly you should ask these married guys, who you assume are being honest with you, to tell you what the problem is. If this is really bothering you, which I really assume it is, Ask for their help in being honest with you and figuring out why men dont like you. - single guy
  • It's absolutely true, most single guys, at least the "nice guys" would tell themselves "oh, another attractive woman, a girl that pretty can't possibly be single, why bother?" And this is ten times more true if they already know that you're not single. An attracive woman can intimidate the hell out of most guys, especially the single ones with little arrogance, and even a profound respect for women.
  • Well, MANY single guys do believe that any good-looking woman already has a man. And many don't feel they're worthy of a good-looking woman. If all the married men say that, then it's not your personality, as they are usually more attuned to that than anything else. And you may be good-looking to most of them. But something IS off here... Single guys don't even glance at you? Are you ... (sorry) chubby? (more than 30-40#s overweight?) or "stick-thin" (skin-and-bones)? Do you have children? (They may think you're married if you do, or they may not feel they're ready for "an instant family".) Do the clothes you wear flatter you, or do you dress somewhat "frumpy"? (Sweatshirts are not flattering, nor are baggy jeans.) Do you wear too much or not enough makeup? (Sometimes women think they have enough on and look plain, and other times they put it on as thick as Tammy Faye Baker.) Do you wear a LOT of jewelry or have many tattoos or piercings? Sometimes that's a turn-off. Do you espouse your religious beliefs around them? While they may not care about your religion, if you talk about them all the time, many will fear that you will try to "convert" them, or may have other problems with it. Are you a (sorry again) different race than most of them? (Some men are intimidated about dating outside their race.) Do you have a "squeaky" or "annoying" voice? (Contrary to popular believe, Bernadette Peters and Fren Dresher's voices are NOT something someone wants to spend a lot of time with. It might be fun for a bit, but...) Do you shave your legs and under your arms? (Many men prefer relatively hairless women.) Do you have a bit of facial hair? (Same thing - And yes... I have known some good-looking women with facial hair.) Are you tall for woman, or shorter than many? (Some men are intimidated by a taller woman or and ... "extra-short" one.) And, finally, do you ... (sorry AGAIN) stink? (Some women I know have had body odor problems - underarms... and sometimes ... elsewhere... Some have extremely bad breath - This usually from eating salads, garlic and peppers for lunch. And GUM doesn't DO it!) If any of the above sound familiar, and can be changed, do it. If they think you're married, let them know you're not. etc. Ask some of your married friends to set you up. If none of the above are a problem, then just be patient. The right guy for you will come along when you least expect it.
  • Sometimes it's said that "a woman always makes the first move." That's probably oversimplifying, but it seems clear to me that -- with a few exceptions, like "players", most men will not make a move unless they are getting some sort of signal. (Note that this does not include construction workers whistling as you walk by: that's not a real move, just pack mentality.) So there may be something to the notion that many are intimidated by you, but I think you're probably not sending a clear enough signal.
  • Have you tried asking them out?
  • There could be.
  • There might be. I think single guys are more likely to feel intimidated by an attractive woman. There are so many possibilties as to what's going on though it would be pretty difficult to pin down. There's a possibility the married guys are looking at "the grass on the other side of the fence" where a single person isn't.

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