• Your question is unclear. If you wish to check current (and sometimes historical) market value of any property, you can check with the County Tax Assessor's office in the county in which the property is located. The intended protocol for County websites is ...<county>.<st>.us ... where <county> is the name of the county, using underscores between words when more than one word names, and where <st> is the two-letter abbreviation of the State in which the county is located. Unfortunately, not all counties follow directions very well, and many others are not yet online. So it may be easier to goggle your county tax assessor's office / property search database, to see whether it is accessable.
  • Hi all, I only have 758MB memory left on my laptop. I don't understand the difference between RAM, other types of memory, etc, I only know that when I go to drive C, this is the remaining memory. I have deleted unused files, cleaned my laptop, cleared the registry, defraged, etc, but it doesn't seem to make an ounce of difference to the memory. I have now made a back-up copy of my files to an external hard drive, so that I can do a system restore and bring it back to factory settings. Could anyone who knows about these things please advise me as to whether I would be able to restore the music from my itunes, important files, etc, back on to my laptop after restoration. The problem is that I've probably still got a great deal of rubbish on my system that I can't clear, and don't know how to either. I would be very grateful for any help, please. Many thanks. Sharon.
  • No website. Go the the County and see what records exist in the Appraiser's office, the Recorder's office, and Planning and Building Departments. Also everyone ask who would know. Maybe there is a County Historical Society, or perhaps the local County newspaper files. There may be a Aerial Survey firm that has a library of air photos that covers your site.

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