• No. It would be unethical to force anyone to participate in an experiment, whether or not their parents have given permission.
  • No, you cannot force them into participation. Even if you could, you would not want to because it would create a bias in your results.
  • That would be cruel, abusive and arrogant.
  •'re looking for a lawsuit. When conducting research with human participants, you must get the consent of the child and the permission of the legal guardian. By receiving permission from the parents, you've only fulfilled half of the requirements.
  • No child should be forced to do something like that which they don't want to do, EVEN WITH THE PARENTS PERMISSION.
  • Children should not be treated as adults! They have no legal recognition! They are subject to the adults that are in charge of them! Unless forcing the child has a detrimental effect on the findings then go ahead! What if she refused to participate in her own schooling, would you refuse to educate her?

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