• I think that's against the law, simply 'cause they hired you with them, just like people with tattoos. am I wrong? i worked in a hotel and they had that policy but people with tattoos remained 'cause the hired them with them, but they won't accept more people with them at least not visible.
  • The proper thing to do is give the employee the grandfather clause. You can keep what you were hired with, anyone with or without piercings can't get more. But few companies are willing to do this, I've only worked at one place where no type of body art was forbidden. But personally, whether I argued would depend on both what the piercing was and how much I wanted it. First I'd offer to hide it, with retainers or whatever was feasible. I'd fight harder for things like a nose piercing, since it's a little more common and accepted than other facial piercings.
  • No I wouldn't argue. When it comes to peircing and tatoos alot of companies can claim its due to presentation or values and not discrimination. Unfortunately those things are still not widely excepted in modern society. You can probably argue it until your blue in the face but it won't get you any were. Especially if they gave you a grace period. I especially wouldn't argue it if you live in a right to work state in the USA.
  • I have and i always will. Even at school i have. I have a nose piercing with a tiny TINY jewled stud. You can barely see it! and when they ask me to take it out i tell my managers i will whenever they get their tattoos removed. I mean if you can have a whack tattoo all over your arms and two on your neck why can't i have this tiny thing...ugh its so annoying. Plus i have a teacher that has tattoos literally every where. knuckles palms fingers wrist arm the back of his head legs and i dont want to know where else! But its wrong for a student to have a freaking piercing....I swear it makes no sense at all.
  • allowed no, i would not argue.. i would remove the piercing during my working hours or i would look for other employment. the company can make or modify their rules at any time.
  • It would be more right if they told employees that no MORE piercings or visible tattoos would be allowed, and that they are no longer accepting application from those with them. They do need to explain why - And in most cases, it would be because of the employee dealing with the public in person, and they've had some complaints. They can also ask you to minimize the effect (no huge rings or studs) at least while you are at work. It's also possible they could move you to a less ... conspicuous ... location within the company/store, so the public doesn't have to see the tat or piercing. But in most cases, if you are dealing with the public, if you have any visible piercings other than ear lobes or the outside of your ears (and even then, if you have too many or they are too garish), they can 1) not hire you, 2) move you out of the public view, 3) fire you (if you are in an "at will" state). As for arguing, ask to be "grandfathered", and promise (then KEEP it) that you will use the absolutely smallest stud possible while you are dealing with the public. Otherwise, especially if you're an "at will" employee, there's not much you can do about it. They CAN request that you remove ANY stud to minimize the "shock" value. NOTE: I'm not a lawyer, nor an employer, but if I had customers mentioning my employee's piercings with disgust or consternation, I'd be moving them from as much public contact, and/or ask them to minimize the look. Sorry.
  • not if i wanted to keep the job
  • No. Employers reserve the right to change their policy at anytime. Some may give advance notice, some may have their employees sign that they have read the change of policy before they add it to the employee handbook, but they can change their policy.

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