• To me they do, is why I learn to wear a shield to block those trying to step on them.
  • Yes, they matter alot. It would be awful to not be able to feel. I don't like the bad feelings but then if I didn't experience them, I wouldn't be able to feel the good ones.
  • Yes, and I don't like them being toyed with or carelessly tossed aside as if they didn't.
  • Of course they matter.
  • Only to me and a very small group of other people.
  • In some but not all situations. If an airline pilot is bummed b/c his wife ran away with his best friend, I'd prefer that he put his feelings aside until he lands the plane and I get off. Too many people allow their feelings to influence important decisions. The sad consequences are all around us.
  • Not in any situation, no.
  • To whom?
  • To me and my family they do. To you? I don't know. Do they?
  • they do to some people. Why?
  • They matter way too much to me. And it is impossible when your feelings are smashed to function 100%... I'd suggest that if an airline pilot's wife did that to him, he call in. I own a business and am in love with a man who is my partner, has no feelings, who lives with me and fucks me, and who tells me he hates me every day. I can't call in, and I can't not let it affect me at all, it just does. When you live with something day in and day out it just does. No matter what you try and do to keep your mind off of it it will affect things at least a little. Feelings DO matter.... most of the time it is painful and unfortunate that they do. Don't mess with feelings. They can be worse for you than drugs.
  • to everyone else, no.
  • To me they mean alot, to others, they usually are meaningless.
  • I'm like rubber and your like glue.... Anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!
  • He doesn't believe that love exists and he claims to have absolutley no emotion. Not just toward me but toward anything or anyone... and I am head over heels in love and show him everyday, with everything I do hoping to thaw his heart. We are together, and that is good it means to me that there is a chance.. but he tells me that what people think is love is just our physical attraction as we are each opposite sexes to eachother and the want to "reproduce" is natural and scientific. But that it is not love and that it is not real and he says he has no feelings ever other than the need to survive which everything stems from. Which makes sense to me, but I un doubtedly have feelings, and they are very very strong and sometimes overwhelming. So It isn't a respect thing, it's just a man who may as well be a robot who I am madly MADLY head over heels in love with... Unrecipricated love would be what it is called. He's passionless. So feelings are real, I guess just not for tin men. And he does say some terrible things sometimes, like that he hates me but that doesn't make sense... because I know I am pretty and I cook awesome food, and I keep a very nice house, and he stays around and... and I know he's attracted to me physically... and I know that if he hates he has a "feeling" that he claims to have none of. It is just very confusing... but I don't mean to ramble. I'm so extremely patient. He is human I can see it in his eyes sometimes or when he is asleep. All I can do is keep giving love. Don't worry Rickster!
  • Business partner, live in lover, and he owns the house with me. We own 4 businesses, a dog, and a home together.
  • yes,to me its important,to everyone else i get a who gives a hoot answer, people can be extremely cruel at times.
  • Yes, but they don't matter more than anything else. They can be excellent indicators of something going right or wrong in our lives. We should listen to them, respect them, nurture them, and appreciate them while not being ruled by them.
  • I'd like to think so. I don't think they're more or less important than anyone else's, but my feelings should be treated with respect and sensitivity.
  • i dont think they do, not to anyone. thats why i show no pain i smile and pretend everything is okay :3
  • My feelings matter to me as I just became a Swami on AB tonight.
  • Yes to me and others because mostly I act according to my feelings

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