• I don't have a therapist, but isn't it their job to listen to people unload ?
    • Linda Joy
      That's why I did it. They get decent money to listen to me Bitch,and honestly no one else deserves that.
    • Ice man
      Alrighty then : ) < Ice man looks around to see if anybody is watching > ....
    • Ice man
      < Ice man covers his ears and quietly tip-toes away > : )
  • No. That's what they are trained to do. They can set it aside and keep their work separate from their private lives, it is not personal and none of it pertains to them. Be glad they learned how to do that because that is what gives them a clear head to take that info and know how to guide you.
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah she gave me info on positive affirmations a month or so ago. I'm sorry, but I just can't jump onboard with telling myself pretty little lies to brainwash myself into believing my crappy life smells of roses and sunshine when some days I struggle to do the basics of caring for myself! I can barely walk! And when she tells me to compare myself to someone that's bedridden in order to feel good about my life I gotta wonder who the he'll she's trying to fool! Life sucks! I've wanted to die since I got sick and crippled and no longer have a purpose here. For nearly ten years now life has sucked and it never gets any better! My health continues to deteriorate! Cute little lies don't change a thing!
  • I don't go to therapists as I am my own therapist. I'm used to me unloading on me & it NO longer bothers me!!!

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