• I actually wouldn't mind as much as I should, though my high school moved around a good bit. Either way, the building that the school was when I graduated was a brick one, and so is the current one. You can't blow that down or burn it down!
  • Uggh probably the same reason every school is burned to the ground. Nobody wanted to play with me. It is always the effects of social rejection. They get angry, say school sucks because alot of people at the school reject them hence they in anger burn the school down to the ground. Sad but this is what I am starting to believe in.
  • I would be very bummed. The high school I graduated from was a very old, historically recognized building.
  • I would really be shocked. In October 1925, and funds for a new school were raised. The cost of construction was $1,252,000; the building was intended to last a century. In 1992, the High School was designated as a National Historic Landmark. The century mark will be reached in my lifetime, and I would like to see the ceremony.
  • I would really feel sad. I had some great and not-so-great memories in high school. My high school burning down would somewhat make me feel that those memories were burned down as well.
  • I think that'd be awesome. They can rebuild that piece of crap and make it somewhat better.
  • I couldn't care less. Never look back it is pointless. Move forward.
  • I'd first hope no one was hurt. then I'd be pissed because my taxes would go up to build a new one. I still live in the same place, same school, same everything, ugh.
  • Any chance this high school is (or was) in Montana???
  • as long as nobody got hurt im not sure i would care.
  • scared shitless and devestated my sisters still go there some of my friends still go there (thank god most of my good memories took place in the parkinglot -kinda hard to burn that down) but still i wouldn't be ok with that at all
  • I'd be kinda sad. We had pictures of Senior classes all the way back to 1940-something on the walls. Plus, if I ever stop through there, I'd like to go in and trigger some memories. BTW, I graduated in 2003 as well!!! =D Sorry to hear about your school... :(
  • As long as no one was hurt I could care less. I am sure that at least 1/3 of the people I went to school with ended up in jail/trouble with the law after graduation.
  • I would think that it's about time.
  • I'd be pretty sad. And I'd hope nobody was in at the time. It first built in like 1900 or something crazy like that!
  • I would actually feel good inside if it burned down (at least my first one). I don't want to come off as some hard ass, but I didn't like my first high school, or high school in general, wouldn't care too much if my second one burned down either. Didn't get intergrated too much with the fuckin' preps at my private high school. Thought that half of them were immature brats that were hiding in big mommy's and daddy's pockets. As for the teachers, they were ok, but nothing special, too much stress, too much work. My second high school was just ok, but I didn't like the experience cuz I moved faaar faaar away, so I wouldn't mind that building burning down. As long as no one gets hurt of course. I wouldn't be doing the arson, no way, that vandalism bullshit is for 16 year olds and younger. But you can count me in on being the first one at the scene at either spot with a cigar and a cold beer cooking me some hot dogs ha ha ha ha!
  • It wouldn't surprise me actually...I would still be pissed though.
  • well i would like to go back and see it again but if its gone so be it.
  • I would dislike that intensely. The Science Building at my school burned down, the firefighters pumped water from the swimming pool to extinguish the fire. Pioneer Park is located where the Science Building stood before the fire. The fire was determined to be arson.
  • It would be a shame because it would meaning crowding for other schools until it could be rebuilt. Would mean 1) Increased taxes for the town. 2) Temporary loss of employment for teachers and staff 3) The people that did it could not be punished severely enough.
  • My old grade school burned down & they never tried to catch the arsons that done it. Some shady stuff where they converted it into a new business I think to cover up some dirty deeds. But no one was ever charged or investigated for it. Made me sad because there was a lot of history in that school my dad & his family went there as well as my brother & they played sports & the walls & trophy case had them in it but I guess all thats gone now.
  • I would be kind of upset. I have a lot of memories from that place and I wouldn't like to see it burned to nothing.
  • Well, if it was the first high school I went to, I'd congratulate them on a job well done, now if it were the alternative school I graduated in, I'd probably be pissed because that's the ONLY good school in 50-100 miles in my opinion.
  • I would hope I had a decent alibi!
  • It would be a catastrophe, since I attended a very old and famous college prep boarding school, and burning that down would involve destroying an entire campus -- a lot of buildings, some of them of national historic value. So, I'd be deeply upset on both personal, emotional grounds and more scholarly, historical grounds.
  • I went to several and probably wouldn't even know if it did, and if it did I think I'd try and look on the bright side and hope the next generation gets a bunch of cool upgrades and loves their new school!
  • I have very salty memories of my high school. Mostly girls who made fun of me and teachers who didn't know what were doing. I'd probably write a song about it. "The Burning of C&r&&DD*N HS. lol

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